Debra Lovisone: The Parts of Success at NAPA


Meet Debra Lovisone, one of our Best Parts at NAPA. Debra has been working at our Denver, Colorado NAPA IBS (Integrated Business Solutions) store for 1 year as an IBS Manager, however she has been with the NAPA family for 13 years. Debra started out working at the Main Counter of a NAPA Auto Parts Store and says she knew nothing about cars when she started, but learned quickly. Not only did Debra learn everything that she needed to know about cars, she also quickly progressed successfully through many roles at NAPA. Debra has worked at the Counter, Outside Sales, HR Receptionist, Phone Room, Counterperson and something tells us that she is not done yet! We interviewed Debra about the last 13 years of her career and what advice she would give others who are interested in working at NAPA or educating others who perhaps never thought about a Career at NAPA.

What do you do in your current role with NAPA?

“My current role is Manager of our IBS Store located onsite Southwest Airlines at the Denver, Colorado Airport (DEN). IBS is an exciting division of NAPA and my job is to work with the GSE (Ground Service Equipment) team. I am excited to be a part of it. I have been in this role for 1 year and it is a really wonderful opportunity. Think of our IBS operation as a “Parts Store” conveniently located on-site a place of business and the customer having the convenience of not having to leave their location! Our IBS team is located on-site the business to provide the parts right away for various equipment so they can get back to business.

In this case, our customer is Southwest Airlines and it is a fun team to work with. I primarily work with Mechanics, but have interaction with different members of the Southwest team. NAPA does not provide parts for the airplanes, just the Ground Support equipment. Think of airport tugs and belt loaders as examples of the equipment NAPA provides parts for. GSE is a major part of their business to keep the business running. The many people who are looking to possibly start a career with NAPA, or perhaps have not really thought about NAPA as an employer to work for, really should. There are so many career opportunities at NAPA that you would never think about and IBS is a great example. NAPA does not just provide parts for cars!”

What have some of your challenges been working at NAPA?

“There have not been too many. I would say learning my new role as a Manager, which is true for any new job. I would also include that a good challenge has been learning all of the vendors. The NAPA team and the Southwest Airlines team are great people to work for so the challenges are all worth it.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work at NAPA?

“I would say to not think that you have to know everything about a car. What is most important is great Customer Service in any role, learning something new day by day, and coming to work each day with a positive attitude. What made me the most opportunity in my career here at NAPA was being willing to do whatever it was that needed done! NAPA will give you so many opportunities if you have a positive attitude. Hard work shows and is acknowledged. They will give you all the training that you desire.”

Finally, we asked Debra what she enjoys when she is not working at NAPA?

“I love being with my family, camping and fishing.”

With the positive energy and drive that Debra has, we are pretty sure that we will be interviewing Debra again about a new NAPA opportunity that she will continue to shine in.

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