Erika Casas Sotelo: Becoming a Leader at NAPA


Meet Erika Casas Sotelo, HR Generalist in Fresno, CA who started with NAPA as an Intern!  We interviewed Erika about her career, what it is like to work at NAPA, and why NAPA may just be a great career for you! Let’s meet Erika…..

NAPAWhat is your current job and how long have you been with NAPA?

Erika – “HR Intern, Executive Management Trainee (EMT), and currently a HR Generalist in Fresno, CA. 2 ½ years”

NAPA – What are you responsible for in your current role?

Erika – “My job responsibilities are very broad. I source, screen, and interview talent who want to work at NAPA. Also, support, coach, train, and onboard new hires along with processing payroll. I also get the opportunity to facilitate workshops on HR related topics to community groups.”

NAPA What position(s) have you held at NAPA?

Erika – “HR Intern, Executive Management Trainee (EMT), and currently a HR Generalist.”

NAPA What type of job(s) did you have prior to coming to NAPA and what industry did you come from?

Erika – “Sherwin Williams: Management Training Program, Walgreens: Shift Lead, California State University: Student Ambassador, Party City: Store Associate”

NAPA What is it like working for NAPA?

Erika – “I love working for NAPA, it has been a great experience. The culture and environment is family oriented.”

NAPA – What is your #1 piece of advice for someone who is preparing for an interview?

Erika – “Be yourself!”

NAPA What type of career path could someone have by joining NAPA’s Executive Management Trainee Program (EMT)?

Erika – “The career path that an EMT can have is unbelievable as there are endless opportunities. The individual’s work ethic and determination will allow them to succeed in any role.”

NAPA – Do you have to love cars and know everything about a car to work at NAPA?

Erika – “No, you do not have to love or know anything about cars to work at NAPA, however you do need to be open to learning, change, opportunities and advancement.”

NAPA – What is the culture/value at NAPA?

Erika – “Employees and family!”

NAPA – What advice would you give to someone who wants to work at NAPA and what type of people (skill sets, personality, etc.) does NAPA look for to work here?  

Erika – “NAPA is always looking for the right fit. NAPA seeks individuals that are open to change and always seeking advancement opportunities. A person with a positive personality and attainable goals.”

NAPA What makes you successful in your position at NAPA?

Erika – “The coaching that I am currently receiving and support from my peers.”

NAPA – Finally, we asked Erika what she does for fun when not working at NAPA?

Erika – “I enjoy spending time with family and traveling for leisure. If I have the opportunity to be idle at home after a week at work, that is where I will be!”

Thank you Erika. You are definitely one of the best “parts” at NAPA!

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