Answering the NAPA Call with Roberto Lucero-Grado


The opportunity to work at NAPA can come as quickly as a phone call; it did for Roberto Lucero-Grado. He was no slouch in the auto department. One of his other positions in his career brought him to a competitor of NAPA’s (which shall tactfully remain nameless), but he ran into someone who would turn into his first manager with us.   

“She thought I would be a good fit for the equipment that we work with here,” Roberto recalled. With a strong background in diesel handling and a military history, it seemed natural for him to join our team. 

Here at NAPA, it’s part of our mission to take care of the veterans that bravely put their lives on the line for our country. We offer programs to help them transition back to civilian life, or in Roberto’s case, we work with the difficulties they’ve accrued because of their service. 

“Currently my manager knows that I am disabled through the military, so she knows if I’m hurting on any given dayand she’s very accommodating with the pain or any appointments I have with the VA. It’s definitely great employment for the military. I’ve gotten a lot of appreciation for being a veteran.” 

Roberto has shown great initiative in his brief time here. After just a year of working with us, he’s exceeded expectations as a Counter Representative and is applying to own his own store within IBS, a division of NAPA.  

“I do what I need to do at work. I’ve always been brought up to do the best at anything I do, and that’s what I do! And certainly, people at NAPA have noticed that, and they’ve mentioned that owning a location is definitely possible.”  

 It’s not only possible, but a certainty. We appreciate the effort our employees put into their jobs. Simply put, if you can roll up your sleeves and try your best every day you come in, we will reward you for that. Our employees’ happiness with their personal goals is a key part of what makes NAPA great. 

Roberto himself recalls his professional past and present:  

“It’s night and day! I actually get weekends off. The work environment is so much more stress-free, and since I work with IBS, I’m dealing with actual mechanics and not people who don’t know what they’re doing.”  

We’ve got the NAPA Know How, after all. In positions such as Roberto’s, you have the free reign to converse intelligently with other people that know a diesel engine as well as the back of their hand. No more “Um, how often do you need to change the oil?” here!   

“Here at our shop, we work with Georgia DOT. I’ll get out there with the mechanics and walk out to the shop, physically look at the vehicle, and they’ll point out the parts they need. I get hands-on experience because I can see what they’re talking about and know what they really need. We share ideas about what might or might not work, so it’s a great environment for me.”  

Get your hands dirty. Get what you want out of a job. Get a career with NAPA and apply today!