On the Road Again with Andrew Cooke


Andrew Cooke started out as a part-time NAPA Driver in 2014. Like many of our employees, he found the flexible nature of his position helpful to him as he attended school for Information Technology. After he graduated, NAPA couldn’t help but notice his dedication, and soon Andrew accelerated through the ranks and started working the counter in one of our retail stores.  

One day, a group of well-clad NAPA employees walked through the doors. Andrew was intrigued when he heard the men discussing the new system they were installing in his store, and before he knew it, they were talking about the finer points of the tech world. Noticing this, one of the men mentioned that they were actually looking for a new System Sales Representative for his territory, and asked if he had he met the manager yet. 

From there on it was history. Andrew excelled in his new position, where he was able to utilize his IT background with a company that’s helped him from the start of his career. His job is to make sure NAPA systems are up and running in Utah and the surrounding states; here, we trust that you’re the guy we need when our system fails, and Andrew is just the one we need to take your call. 

With so much area to cover, Andrew puts quite a few miles on the odometer to check on the other departments, but the call of the road and constant travel is nothing but a bonus to Andrew. “I like being on the road, doing my own thing, and not being micromanaged,” he hastens to say.  

Working in the stores can be nice and stable, but System Sales Representatives require more of a hands-off managing style. As long as you can handle a Bluetooth troubleshooting call while navigating the highway, you’re the kind of person we are looking for.  

With that being said, our System Sales Representatives have this freedom because of the leadership and knowledge they show in their jobs every single day. Andrew is in charge of handling the technical problems of 150 stores in his territory, so his position necessitates the ability to communicate clearly and work independently and with jobbers alike. “I thought the job would be impersonal, but it’s the opposite,” Andrew proclaimed. “They know who I am and they look forward to my visits.” 

It’s hard not find Andrew on the road in one form or another. When he’s not on his way to solve a taxing technological task, he’s tinkering around his car with his NAPA Know How. Before he began his career with us, the extent of his knowledge went from changing the oil to being able to work the mechanics as well as our center employees (a hobby he credits in large part to his new NAPA discount).  

When asked about his position with NAPA, Andrew is short for words—literally. “I can’t even describe it,” he muses. He feels privileged to be in a position that allows him to work in a field he loves and have the support of a company that knows when to take their hands off the wheel.  

At NAPA, we know the best way for an employee to represent us is for them to be happy in their role. If you currently don’t feel the happiest you can be in your job, why not visit the careers page? NAPA could be just the change you need!