Patricia Orange Finds Her Home at NAPA

patricia orange

Everyone’s journey to NAPA is a little bit different. We don’t expect you to come in with a long list of auto experience, with oil-stained hands, and your favorite engine on the tip of your tongue (although we don’t knock that, either!) 

Take Patricia Orange’s journey. Patricia has been with our Atlanta team for almost 11 years (her work anniversary is in February, if you want to give her a little special something). She began her career with NAPA because she was searching for something more than her previous job. 

“I went through a recruiting agency. I was working for another company as a manager and it was kind of stagnant. I wanted something different. So I went to the recruiting agency and got a call back from them for an interview for NAPA. The first thing I said to them was, ‘I don’t know anything about cars.’ But I went into the interview and got the position as an Admin in Atlanta and went from there.” 

We can confidently say that NAPA is anything but stagnant. Although we’ve been in the auto biz for over 90 years, we strive to make the company as innovative as possible. “It’s an awesome experience, being part of a company with a long legacy,” Patricia remarks. 

“It’s actually rewarding to know that a company has been around for 90 years and is still growing. They know that you can’t stay back in the 1920s. Things change, the industry changes, and this company adapts well to change.”  

But as things change at NAPA, the more our ethics stay the same. We are here to look after our people and provide them a stable environment, no matter what life throws at any of us. “They really, really care,” Patricia affirms. 

“If you’re out sick, they care. They show concern and compassion for not just you as an employee, but your family as well. I had to move, and I needed more than a day or two off, and I got support such as, ‘Where are you moving? Are you going to be okay getting to work? Do we need to change your hours?’ I feel like I’m part of the family.”  

And Patricia has certainly grown herself after getting started with the NAPA family. From starting at next to no auto know-how, she delightedly informs us, 

“I can work on my own car! I know what to look for if it starts ticking. I know what type of oil I need. I know when I need to rotate my tires. I even know what windshield wipers to get. I went from not knowing anything about cars—and you don’t have to know anything about cars to work for the company—to have my knowledge grow.” 

All that knowledge has come to Patricia in her position with the billing department. But Patricia embodies the Bleedin’ Blue spirit: a warm heart with a constant enthusiasm for knowledge.  

“I do the billing commissions and doing the different line codes and line abbreviations helped me learn. I also spoke with the product department, and they definitely know a lot about parts and the different types of products that NAPA provides.”  

What does the future hold for Patricia? After so many years with NAPA, she has advanced not only from her professional leap from Admin to Bookkeeper but developed personally; and she’s not looking to slow down. 

“I see myself possibly wanting to move to the product department as a Product Manager. I like people, and I like getting myself out there and seeing what they know and what I can offer them.”  

With NAPA, we are here to help. If you’re looking to join the NAPA team, you should possess the same eagerness for change and growth that our whole team embodies. Think you’ve got what it takes? Click here to see if we have any openings in your area. We’ll take you from auto novice and convert you to the knowledgeable expert all your friends will envy!