Meet Makeitha Moore

makeitha moore

Makeitha Moore, an HR Manager at NAPA, brings a breath of fresh air to the HR Department. We had a chance to talk with her about some of the special moments she’s had as an employee at NAPA and how her personality helps her connect as a leader. 


Makeitha, how did you get started at NAPA? 


I had a good job at a good company, but I wasn’t happy. From the moment a NAPA recruiter reached out to me, I knew that I was on the brink of something special. 


How would you describe the NAPA culture? 


Even though NAPA is a large company, I appreciate that it’s operated more like a family-owned business. For example, I remember one Friday on my way to work I received a letter in the mail from NAPA. I was a little concerned because I’m typically aware of any communications that are scheduled to go out. When I opened the letter, it was two pages worth of my accomplishments from my first 90 days that my manager, Joe, had been keeping track of. What Joe did represents the leadership of this company. Everyone – from my peers, to management, to the hourly associates – are just great people. It’s genuinely like having a family away from home. 


What other ways have you witnessed this kind of leadership? 


We recently celebrated someone’s 50th work anniversary! During the party, the employee’s very first supervisor, who had since retired, returned to celebrate this tremendous accomplishment. The leadership here really cares about their employees, even long after they’ve retired. 


Would you say that your job keeps you on your toes? 


Yes, every morning I wake up with a list of things that I am going to get done and I make a plan of action. But as you know, once you make it into the office, things rarely go as planned. As a Human Resource Manager, things change often. Sometimes I’m speaking to someone about something incredible that’s happened in their life, and then the next moment, I’m dealing with an emergency. This job certainly isn’t dull. 


In an ever-changing environment, how do you find balance?  


We’re able to maintain that balance by communicating with one another. Whether it’s committee meetings to speak about process improvement or the open-door policy that is in place for employees to share things that are important to them, the culture at NAPA allows for openness and accountability.  


Makeitha, as an HR leader, how do you add your special touch to NAPA? 


I love to laugh, and I laugh a lot! I have a military background, and sometimes I think I come off as very serious, but I’m quite the opposite. I love to enjoy life, and I try to pass that on to others. 

I have a mantra as a manager that goes, ‘If you take care of your people, they will take care of you.’ Everything that gets done in life is by building the right relationships. If our employees feel appreciated, engaged, and supported by their management team, they’ll be inspired to do their best. 

I get to make an impact by bringing my experiences and knowledge somewhere it’s appreciated. In addition to that, I get to learn and develop both as a professional and as a person by just being here. It’s an incredible place to work. 


Lastly, when you’re away from work, where might we find you? 


I’m usually traveling, teaching or somewhere giving inspirational speeches. Honestly, you’ll find me doing something that allows me to connect and inspire other people. 


We value people like Makeitha who are passionate about their jobs, helping people, and being a reliable team player. If you’re looking for a company where you can develop strong relationships, celebrate life’s accomplishments, and find support during challenging times, NAPA is the perfect place to choose. Apply to one of our many career opportunities and connect with us today.