Nick Jackson: Putting out NAPA Fires

napa employee

Nick Jackson, Stockroom Manager for NAPA Carrolton, is a man of multitudes. Before he started his active journey with NAPA, Nick had another passion he worked towards: being a volunteer firefighter. “It’s been over 21 years now,” he shares proudly.

I serve with firefighters in my free time. I’m a SCUBA diver for the fire department as well, and it’s definitely a passion of mine. NAPA has always been very encouraging. We have several associates within NAPA that also volunteer there, and they’re very supportive of it. They are fully behind it.

No doubt we’re behind it! As well as having strong support for the brave people serving our country, we proudly support the people who protect our local communities. Having a strong link between your area and your family signals to us that you want what’s best for people—not to mention that you have the ability to put out fires, literally and figuratively!

Nick has certainly had his share of fires. He began his NAPA career as a Relay Driver, but he quickly moved his way up the circuit once he showcased his amazing responsibility and dedication.

After working in the stock room and as a Driver, I went into pulling and then back into the relay position, even working as a Sorter in between. I was a Driver for about 13 years and then came back to work in the warehouse again, coming in as management this time.

What drove him to want to succeed?

What I do is share my story, how I started as a Relay Driver and how my career thrived, and how I set those goals. Sharing my story does inspire people because it shows you can be anywhere in the company if you want it and you push for it. I try to push everybody to realize their goals and better themselves. I challenge all of our associates to take on goals that are higher than what they think they can achieve.

 Naturally, we agree. We share our employees’ stories to inspire others. When you work with NAPA, we want you to be happy with what you’re doing every day. We recognize your hardworking spirit and try to keep our relationships with employees as open and encouraging as possible.

Nick remarked about NAPA’s culture:

There’s a strong teamwork mentality at NAPA. Having a good team that we can all rely on is a crucial thing. It’s like a family too. We all work together and spend a lot of time together. We help pump each other’s egos up. We try to outdo our goals both in life and in the company.

But not every goal has a number to be associated with it. One of our goals is to have our NAPA employees be as valued and comfortable in their roles as possible, and circumstances can occur that require us to step up our game as well.

“Once, an employee with our company was going through a hard time,” Nick remembers.

 Without any prompting, the company stepped up and came up with a way to help that person through their difficulties. They had everyone support that person. They helped alleviate some of their work and sent him nice card. It encompassed what NAPA is; they take care their associates, their family, and customers see that as well. They see our pride and strength to get the job done.

With employees like Nick and his team, it’s only fair that we both work to get the job done! But since our employees know what it takes to Bleed Blue, they have the drive to take it further.

We are constantly pushing to be the lead operation in the company. When I hire people, I look for people who are hungry to succeed, are looking to start a career they want to find value in, and are not afraid to do the hard work to gain the reward of reaching goals.

If you’re looking to help Nick put out fires with NAPA, know that you’re not going to just be a number to us.

Realize that you can go anywhere you put your mind to. You can go as far as you want. Doing a better job every day helps you, as well as our customers, and ensures that we’re continuing to offer the superior service NAPA is known for.

If you know you can offer that service, don’t hesitate. Visit our career page and join the NAPA family.