The Road to Success with Christie Young

christie young

The road to success can change in the various seasons of life, but one thing that is constant is with hard work, determination, and belief in yourself, you can accomplish anything. Christie Young’s journey with us at NAPA embodies that truth. A fan of the Crimson Tide, an avid bowler, Christie Young is a Stockroom Manager in Birmingham, Alabama. Christie’s journey with us started when she was working in a clerical position as a seasonal PWR.   

I was in college and looking for something I could do part-time. I worked with NAPA off and on for a few years before they brought me on as a permanent employee working that same position. Soon after getting hired, I was promoted to Administrative Assistant to the District Manager after the previous assistant retired.

Wanting to secure a full-time position with NAPA, Christie worked hard and was offered the role of DDM Clerk, which helped her achieve her goal. Christie’s ambition continued to push her forward. In 2012, Christie was awarded her first managerial position as a Quality Assurance Manager before moving to the position of Assistant Stockroom Manager. After a while, she got the call she’d been waiting to receive.  

“When I got the call that I was promoted to Stockroom Manager, I knew that I was NAPA’s girl.” Christie exclaimed, “The leadership at NAPA pushed me to be my best and to believe in myself which meant a lot to me it’s not everywhere you’ll find leadership that truly supports their staff and is just as happy as they are when they’re successful.” 

As a manager, Christie didn’t change her MO. Instead, she adopted the leadership style of her managers and took an interest in building up her direct reports.  

My managers never made me feel like I couldn’t accomplish something or that I wasn’t good enough, instead they challenged me to push myself and trust in my abilities. In a primarily male environment, this was very encouraging to me as a woman that I wasn’t treated differently, but I was believed to be as good as the best of them.

Christie encourages those she leads by sharing her story and putting emphasis on the importance of believing yourself, being confident in your ability to get the job done and remembering to take time for self-care and work-life balance. 

I’ve never had a manager impress the importance of work-life balance on me the way I have at NAPA. I remember when I first started my role in management, I was trying to work 13-hour days and obsessing over making sure everything was done. One day, my manager pulled me aside and told me something that changed my perspective completely – working 13-hour days is going to have a majorly negative impact on your mental state. He said that once I was mentally burned out, he couldn’t save me and when your mental state is crowded you cannot make the right decisions. It was hard for me at first, but once I made that separation, things started to fall into place at work and at home.

We asked Christie to expound on things she’s learned along the way and how she’s implementing them in her role as a leader. Christie believes that connecting with her team is one of the most valuable things she picked up as a leader. 

Honestly, working at NAPA, I’ve met some of the best people in my life. Connecting with your co-workers is important for a great working environment. NAPA has a family-first environment.  Whether we’re going out with department heads to an Alabama football game or to a company cookout, it’s important to connect and to know the people working next to you. As a manager, once I took my team out bowling. Afterward, I got a call from one of them expressing how much they appreciated me giving my time to connect with them. To me, that is what it’s all about.

Christie wants to inspire people with her story. At NAPA, the culture is made up of people who believe in you and challenge you to be your best. If you have a goal in mind, your leaders will help you achieve it.  

So, what’s next for Christie? 

I plan to bleed blue until I retire! I’m truly a NAPA woman now. I hope to eventually manage a larger operation either as a Stockroom Manager or a Service Manager. I like to go into environments that need improvement and help turn things around. It’s one of the things I’d like to be known for, the woman who makes things better and inspires others to give their all.

Christie’s story is meant to be an inspiration to women, mothers, and anyone who wants to realize their dreams and see the rewards of their hard work and dedication. At NAPA, we value the efforts of each of our employees and want to show them we care. Get to know more about our company, our people, and how you can join us!