Grow with Us: The NAPA Story with Michael Woggon


Michael Woggon has been a fixture in NAPA for years, all because the choice to join the team seemed second nature to him.   

We hired him fresh out of high school. At NAPA, we’re happy to take you with whatever experience you have and mold you into an employee that grows from our values: loyalty, ambition, and positivity.  

I started out as a part-time Delivery Driver just out of high school. I was in charge of picking up parts, handling returns, and most importantly, interacting with customers. I loved it and my career grew from there. 

“Grew” might be an understatement here. Michael’s story is a story of NAPA success. 

I moved from that part-time Driver to a full-time Driver after about five months. From there, I was asked whether I wanted to become a Counter Trainee, then moved up to a full-time counter employee. We opened a new store in Westland, and I moved to be the Assistant there. I did that for about a year and a half before they asked, ‘Hey, we have an opportunity out in Pontiac—would you be interested in doing this? It’s a good opportunity with a lot of good people and it can help you learn,’ and here I am. 

Now, Michael has settled into his role as a Store Manager in the Detroit warehouse with just under four years of working at NAPA. If you show talent and dedication, we make it our mission to reward you for the initiative and give you exactly what you want out of your career.   

They were always great about growth. They never forced me to take a position I didn’t want. It was always, ‘We have this available, would you be interested?’ 

Here, you have the freedom to make your life be whatever you want it to be. Michael chose to work hard and rise through the ranks, and now he’s leading a team of people who are in the same position he was in just a short time ago. Thankfully, he knows just how to communicate with them.  

The biggest thing for me is a positive attitude. You have to be willing to work and be timely, but positivity and wanting to work is important. I want my people to enjoy when they come into the store to start a shift. We’re not aiming for, ‘Ugh, I want to go to work today,’ it should be a fun thing for everyone. 

We can create such an easy-going environment because of the trust we have between our management and staff. “It’s like a big family,” Michael says. 

We talk to other stores all the time. If we have questions, we don’t hesitate to reach out and ask each other. It’s a big team.  

Michael even pointed out the strong link between other District Managers and his team. “They have great communication skills and are there if you need anything. They encourage you to reach out to them.” 

No matter what location you work at, all our NAPA sites are part of the family—even if your site is constantly changing, which is the case for our wonderful Drivers.   

Be like Michael. Start from the beginning and see if we have any openings for Drivers or other positions near you on our careers page. If you’re still considering whether you have what it takes to escalate through positions at NAPA, follow Michael’s final words about his journey with the company:   

The fact that in just short time period I’ve gone from a Driver to then being offered a position in management is kind of crazy. You don’t expect it to happen so quickly. It’s cool that NAPA is able to promote new growth from within the company.  

It’s not crazy; it’s the NAPA way. Apply today!