Taking Care of Talent with Marie-Claire Dupuis

Marie Claire

As anyone with a keen eye can detect, NAPA has countless branches, Distribution Centers and Division offices across North America. Marie-Claire Dupuis recently made the big jump from working in Montreal, Canada for the GPC family at UAP.  From one country to the next, she moved from her homeland to Atlanta, Georgia for her promotion to Senior Vice President of Human Resources.


But Marie-Claire wasn’t worried about the change – far from it! “The NAPA family really wanted to make sure I transitioned well,” she acknowledged.  


I was given this awesome opportunity and it speaks about how NAPA takes care of talent. They wait until someone is ready and ensure that there’s many opportunities within their journey. I’m a story of one that’s moved across countries, but we have thousands of stories about employees who are developing, being promoted, and moving to further their careers. For people who have talent and want a long-term career, we have so much to offer.  


That long-term reliability was what drew Marie-Claire to NAPA. After experiencing great success in HR in her past, she realized there really was a difference in the way we treat our employees.


The people are so great. That’s what makes the difference. Before I even started officially, I had people reaching out to me and congratulating me, and onboarding was so great! Everyone wanted to make sure I understood the business context and I had multiple opportunities to ask questions. I had the opportunity to meet the employees and understand what the business model was. There was a lot of time up front for my onboarding, and that really made a difference when I joined the NAPA family. The time that’s invested in people, including myself when I arrived, made me feel that it was truly a family member.


It’s our duty to help ease you into your new role. Marie-Claire experienced that four years ago when she first started, and as recently as this February when she was promoted to Senior VP. Now safely on the other end of onboarding, Marie-Claire is able to dig in deep to the daily responsibilities of her role.  


I’m responsible for  the Human Resources function at NAPA from compensation, safety, employee relations, people development, and training, so my job is very varied. Never the same day! I support our employees with their development and make sure our business is finding the right talent. We want to find people in our marketplace that fit within our workplace, our family.


Taking care of and finding talent is a large component of NAPA. What does it really mean to work here? We offer copious amounts of benefits from our education programs to our competitive pay, but it takes a certain something to join us.


It might sound a little cliché, but we’re really looking for people who can relate to other people and who are interested in making a difference. It’s a very fast-paced environment and we’re going through a lot of changes; we’re looking for people who understand and like to participate in change. No matter where they are within NAPA, we want a good cohesive group of employees that work together in the same direction so we can go beyond for our customers.


That cohesion and loyalty is what sets us apart from other companies. Just this year, NAPA experienced a few natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Marie-Claire was amazed at how our team mobilized to help each other.


People here will really go out of their way to make sure that our customers are being served, our facilities are up and running, and our employees are doing well. Everyone was ready to take a flight, drove, took whatever they could to get there and worked overtime to help get back up and running to service our customers that were in the same situations. Everyone came together in the time of need.  


When Marie-Claire is not busy scouting for talent on the market, she is an avid photographer as well as a bit of a foodie.  While traveling around in multiple parts of the world, she certainly got to experience the best of both passions.

It’s time to ask yourself what you really need. Do you want a workplace that offers security and flexibility in times of crises and new beginnings? If so, visit our careers page. As long as you have an interest in other people and making a difference, the Human Resources department may be for you. But of course NAPA offers countless opportunities in various diverse functions.