Developing Others with Corri Ritchie

Corri Ritchie

Everyone’s journey to NAPA starts a little differently. Some have auto parts in their heart, but others have a specialized skillset that they hope to foster in a long-term career. 


Cori Ritchie, one of NAPA’s newest HR managers, is the latter. Although, let it be known that she has been involved in the car game for quite some time. 


I’ve been in HR for about 23 years. I had automotive experience, but I was in automotive manufacturing. Things like the carpets for the underside of the hood and whatnot, and I also worked for a company that made automotive glass.  


But when the opportunity came up, Cori knew that the move to NAPA was the right one for her.  


I was looking for a company that demonstrated that it was successful and not going anywhere. I wanted a company that would provide me with positive growth; we’re all growing, right? I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be stifled. I wanted to continuously learn, and when I learned about the management courses during the interview process, it piqued my interest even more. They really focus on developing their people, which is key. They demonstrate that daily. 


The development from us at NAPA starts from day one. “One of the things that impressed me about working here is that they didn’t send me into the company and go, ‘Okay, here’s your life vest,’” Cori notes.  


They gave me an opportunity to spend 2 weeks with a member of the human resources team and train there. It helped me learn the process before delving into my specific location. 


The training doesn’t stop there. Cori points out that she has meetings with the Dale Carnegie leadership class as well as social profile training in the near future. We offer extensive education opportunities not only to help provide the very best for our team, but because we find that our employees have the drive to want to learn and be better.  


Cori herself is quite the fan of academia. “I’m also a full-time student,” she revealed.  


My goal is to finish a degree in HR specifically; I already have a degree, but not one in HR, so I’ve really been focusing on that. I want to further my education for my own sense of accomplishment. My daughter followed in my footsteps and earned her Bachelor’s in HR, so I’m interested in showing her that her mom can do it too. 


Fortunately, our attitude towards work and balancing the rest of your personal life allows her room to explore her academic ambitions. 


We have an amazing work life balance, not just here, but as an organization as a whole. They do have that expectation that when you leave work for the day, you fully shut down. The work will be there tomorrow. I appreciate that. There’s always tomorrow, and they’re very supportive.  


We’re not interested in employees that feel burned out most of the day. We want people who have the need to get the work done (and well!), but we understand above all else that everyone is human. Breathing room is allowed, and we can assist you with any problem that may arise and help you learn from it.  


“I was a little nervous about starting with NAPA at first,” Cori shared. 


This is my first experience in retail. However, the training has been amazing and the support I’ve received from my team members has been amazing. I’m in the middle of an email to reach out to a manager in the corporate office because of the outstanding support I receive from one of those team members all the time, and I wanted to make sure they’re recognized.  


The link between Cori, her team, and the rest of the people she serves as NAPA’s HR Manager is the reason she comes to work every day.  


I love that my level allows me to connect so much with the team members. I don’t want anyone to become a number. I love to develop others. Let’s be real, I’m only as good as the people around me, so I want to make sure they’re succeeding and thriving as well.  


That’s the NAPA spirit: help others thrive, and your whole team can go far.