Jeremiah Maxwell is in for the Long Haul

Jeremiah Maxwell

Finding a stable job is hard in this day and age. Finding a stable job that appreciates you and actively helps you climb up the professional ladder almost seems impossible. But Jeremiah Maxwell, the Associate District Manager of NAPA in Atlanta, knew what he wanted out of a job and he went to get it. 


“Before NAPA, I worked as an independent jobber,” he explains. 


One day I went to a manager’s meeting that had some NAPA corporate employeesand they were going around the table introducing themselves. Everyone who worked at corporate had spent 25 to 35-plus years with the company, and NAPA seemed like a great place to work because everyone was staying there for several years. That made me want to apply and start with the Atlanta corporate side. 


Corporate didn’t hesitate to bring Jeremiah and his talent onboard, and he’s been with them ever since. He delightedly told us that he celebrated his 15-year NAPA anniversary this past May, and he doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. 


It’s a great place to work and I can name four or five people off the top of my head that are all hitting 40-plus years with NAPA. That’s a pretty amazing feat in itself.  


Having a workplace where you feel comfortable to learn and grow helps us innovate and crush sales goals all year round. As for Jeremiah, he himself finds that accruing a long history with a company helps him teach the ins-and-outs to newer employees and get them on the fast track to success. 


In my job as an Associate District Manager, I go to some of the stores with newer  

managers or newer locations and try to help them determine the best processes and identify areas for improvement to make their location run as smoothly as the ones that have been run in the past. 


Similarly, one of the reasons Jeremiah has stuck with NAPA is because of the great work culture that he experienced with us in the past.  


The culture is definitely involved. We’re dedicated to our customers, but we try to keep a fun atmosphere and keep it a good place to come in and work. NAPA has always been a very family-oriented company, so it’s not hard to balance work and life. It’s a good company and they don’t expect you to overlook your family to make a dollar. I would think that goes all the way from the starting position of Driver all the way up to management. 


Since we are so keen on internal communication and growth, we focus on the link between Managers and Drivers. We need our teams to be able to work together, and having a friendly trust between each member of the company leads to an even more pleasant and profitable environment.  


Before I took this position, I was a Site Manager. The link I had with my boss was very involved, but not micro-managing. They took care of what they needed to and saw that you took care of your responsibilities. They let you run with it as long as you hit your numbers.  


We hired you, so we know you can do the work! At NAPA, we have faith that our employees will have the drive to knock their goals out of the park.  


With that, Jeremiah has some last words of wisdom for potential NAPA employees:  


You definitely need to pay attention. Soak up all the information because there are a ton of things you can learn. Do your best every day and your potential is limitless.  


So, are you ready to be limitless? Check out our careers page and let us know you’re in for the long haul.