One Team, One Dream: Curtis Bustamante’s Story

One Team, One Dream: Curtis Bustamante’s Story

“My grandfather had a 1984 4×4 Toyota,” Curtis Bustamante recalled.  


Together, they spent many Saturday’s checking out what was under the hood. It was a great bonding experience for Curtis and his grandfather, but it also helped bond Curtis to something else: NAPA.  


“We always got our parts from NAPA. Going to the store with him and talking with the associates was always a neat experience,” said Curtis. 


So, when the time came to move on from his previous industry (casinos, actually), there was something sentimental tying him to his evolution to NAPA. He’s only been our HR Manager in Fresno for two years, but he’s been part of the NAPA family for much longer than that. 


Curtis found the transition process between fields to be relatively stress-free. “It really wasn’t difficult,” he emphasized. 


Everyone was welcoming, and we have a strong culture here that was obvious to me from the start. There’s a really strong sense of pride for the people who work here. I think there is an understanding that we’re one team, one dream. At the end of the day, the end goal is to be successful. We keep America running.  


As a NAPA leader, it’s Curtis’ job to keep our employees running as well. But there is a certain value that he puts above all others when he comes into work each morning: something that is part of NAPA’s spirit. 


Keep it to the basics—show respect for everyone. I keep my door open. I keep a candy dish at my desk in case someone’s energy is running low. I walk the floor, shake hands with people and ask them about their day, and the most important thing is that I listen. If time passes since I last spoke to someone, I ask them about how their family is doing or how their project is going. It really means something to them to know people are paying attention and listening.  


Curtis has had the pleasure of working with countless coworkers and help them exceed their goals. There was one case, he remembered, where a current NAPA employee was wary about moving forward in their career. It was Curtis’ mission to find out what was really concerning the employee, and he was thrilled when he received a call from the coworker just a few weeks later, describing how happily they were working in their new level. 


You may wonder—what does it take for NAPA to see the greatness in you and offer a position? “Well,” said Curtis, “there are two components.” 


The gold standard is the person who has a passion for automotive and knows the brand, but that can be trained. I’m looking for someone that is eager to learn, motivated, and someone who truly understands that this can be a career. People can start here and realize that we have things like the Executive Management program that can help them with their individual career path. 


Where is your individual career path taking you? Take it from Curtis: at NAPA, we’re all one team, one dream. Be part of what makes us great by applying today!