5 Reasons NAPA is for You

5 Reasons NAPA is for You

Want to have a fulfilling career at NAPA but not sure where to start? We caught up with the District Sales Manager for Atlanta, Georgia, Tim Boucher, to offer up some details on why a career in sales at NAPA is a great place to start. Being in sales all his career, Tim was referred to NAPA by a friend and quickly worked his way up the ranks in various departments at NAPA. His competitive nature and passion for winning have made him and his team very successful. Here are the top 5 reasons he’s passionate about his job. 

Be a part of a winning team 

A career in sales at NAPA puts you on the winning team. The sales team is determined to be the best at what they do, and its reflected throughout the organization. Whether you’re working in our retail stores or with our independent store owners, you can rest assured you’re surrounded by people who want to see you win. 

Family oriented and culture driven 

NAPA understands that family comes first, and we value work-life balance just as much our employees. A career in sales will arm you with everything you need to provide for you and your family, while allowing you to take time needed to enjoy your life and to spend time with the people who matter the most. 

Over 90 years of quality  

When you’re selling a product at NAPA, you can sell with the confidence that your product or solution is one of quality. NAPA has a legacy that stretches over 90 years and with that comes stainability, credibility, and high quality. You’ll never have to worry about your reputation when you work in sales at NAPA because we’ve perfected the Know How. 

Endless opportunities for advancement 

The leadership team at NAPA is always on the lookout for ways to help their people grow and develop in their careers. You’ll never feel like you’re stuck in a dead in position because you’ll be constantly challenged to do bigger and better things. The training opportunities are designed by NAPA to ensure that you’ll be successful and will help propel you forward in your career so that you can go anywhere you want to go. 

Career longevity 

NAPA is known for having great reputation for retaining employees, and when you come to work here, you won’t want to work anywhere else. You’ll meet some of the nicest people and develop great relationships here. NAPA believes in keeping their employees happy by providing great benefits, celebrating your success, and helping you achieve your goals. Undoubtedly, NAPA will be a company you’ll want to retire from but only when the time comes. 

Tim shared some great points about why NAPA is an excellent place to work and why starting a sales career with us will be a rewarding choice. Are you ready to make a move? Learn more about the great sales opportunities we have available in your area and apply today to become a part of the NAPA Know How legacy!