Working Customer Sales with Constance Hargrove

Working Customer Sales with Constance Hargrove

When Constance Hargrove is not in one of NAPA’s many locations, there are quite a few ways you can run into her. You may see her and her daughters skating around Atlanta or training their new puppy in a public park. NAPA’s amazing work-life balance is what first drew her to the company in the first place. “It’s so great for me and my girls,” Constance remarked during our interview. 

During our time, Constance keeps circling back to that same adjective: “great.” In her four years at NAPA, she’s encountered numerous challenges and triumphs, but she’s been happy to keep her future bright by Bleedin’ Blue.   

 I’ve always heard about NAPA, and once I moved to Atlanta, I found out that a major distribution center is here. I’m a person who likes to work with a company that grows, and NAPA definitely offered that to me. 

Even with our extensive history, we at NAPA make sure our company grows and changes with the times. We look for the best people, and for us, that doesn’t mean we limit candidates based on their professional backgrounds. “I had no warehouse or auto parts experience before NAPA,” Constance admitted.  

You can come in with no experience, just like me. I like to use myself as a prime example because I knew nothing about cars or parts before I started, but now I’m in a good career with a long history and great benefits. 

That’s all changed now! In her role as a Customer Sales Representative, Constance is trusted to oversee the operations of various NAPA facilities and make sure they’re upholding our amazing standards of auto care.  

I have thirty accounts that I go visit. The accounts are service stations that I make sure are stocked, meet their quota, and properly handle our products. The other day I went to the store and found that they weren’t able to properly stock their store with oil because of the Christmas and New Year’s breaks. For them, I lent a hand and helped them restock while I was on my visit. 

We look for our Customer Sales Reps to know what it takes to make a store a great one. Constance’s keen eye is the kind of quality we hope is reflected in all of our NAPA employees. Her dedication to helping out stores in need is what encapsulates pride in your work. “We’re a family,” Constance said. “We all look out for each other.” 

We are beyond thrilled she took the chance on us when she applied to our Atlanta distribution center, and Constance shows no sign of stopping her journey. 

I plan on taking over NAPA. Every year I plan on taking in as much knowledge and growing, not only my position, but everything NAPA offers. Figuring out how every moving part works is the main goal.  

Give yourself a chance and take over NAPA alongside Constance. Visit our open positions page and see if Atlanta could be the destination for your brand new career!