The Opportunity Time Gives

A lot can happen to a person in twenty years. Even more can happen when you have a career with NAPA.  

Chris Ortiz started as a dock loader almost two decades ago. Outside of tinkering with his own car, he hadn’t had a lot of automotive parts experience. That quickly changed when he joined NAPA by Bleedin’ Blue, and he’s had the opportunity to move through several different positions under our banner. 

Today, Chris is one of the four amazing members that make up our Dallas team for Developing Classifications. His job is to deal with parts that we can’t put our stamp of approval on (hey, you don’t become one of the best auto parts companies in the world by putting out low quality product!) and make sure they’re sent to the proper location to be reworked. 

Every day I work to see if a part is being sent back to the Distribution Center. There is a manager for the southwest NAPA division, and he works with us for returns. He tells me where to send the parts if they are obsolete, excess inventory, or just plain not working properly. We go store to store doing that, and issue them credits for the parts we send back. 

The team members for Dallas and Fort Worth see a lot of traveling in their day to day lives. Chris himself is trusted to look after ten to fifteen stores each quarter, making sure to lend his experienced hand and solve whatever parts problems may occur. “Once I get done servicing one store, we’re on to the next,” he explains. 

 Thankfully, his history with NAPA provides him a welcome homecoming each time he checks in on one of his stores.  

If I don’t know someone when I get there, I know them when I leave. I’m going to be seeing them and working with them a lot, we both have jobs to do. I like to build relationships with the people in the stores. To tell you the truth, I’m pretty close with a lot of people that I visit.  

Since Chris’ team is so organized, he has become familiar with the stores in his territory, which only benefits the work he does with their auto parts. It also provides a solid learning environment; if Chris ever needed help, he could reach out to one of his colleagues either in Dallas, or one of the other four teams in Fort Worth. Distance may keep them apart, but the NAPA spirit in our employees is what keeps them close together. 

We’re dedicated to our job here. We’re a bunch of hardworking people that show up and want to do the best we can. We recently had one guy retire and another guy just moved in, so we’ve been helping him. We enjoy learning everything we can about NAPA and help everybody we can, both our customers and our team.  

Helping is just a natural instinct to many of our employees. We encourage our teams to tell us what they need and engage in an open conversation: that way we can grow as a company. Chris embodies that mantra as well, saying: 

I’ve moved to several positions within NAPA, and as I’ve moved, I’ve learned a lot about the company as a whole. I’ve learned about parts and the size of the stores. I used to only work in the store, and now that I’m in this role I work with distribution centers, so it’s come full circle for me. NAPA has advanced me a lot and I’ve learned a lot in the last nineteen years. 

What can you learn with NAPA? Apply today and see where you can be in the next twenty years!