How to Win Customers and Influence People with Mark Jelks

How to Win Customers and Influence People with Mark Jelks

Mark Jelks and his family lived in Indiana for quite a few years. While they enjoyed the Hoosier life, there was something missing. Mark wanted to be somewhere new, and most importantly, he wanted to be somewhere that would help his career grow. 

We’ve planned this for many, many years because I’ve always wanted to live in the Atlanta area. There are better opportunities for employment, a better lifestyle, and a great climate so I can spend more time outdoors—it’s also where my daughter chose to go to college. So as part of the planning, I made a list of the companies I really want to work with, and NAPA was at the top of the list. 

 We could tell you our ideas of what makes NAPA great, but Mark knew what we could accomplish by putting in some serious thought before even entering the interview room. 

I looked for places with a corporate office and positions to grow into. I’ve worked in management and owned my own business for eight years, so I thought I would have a skill set to offer. It wasn’t just what they could do for me, it’s what I could do for NAPA. I’ve also worked hand-in-hand with some great people at NAPA from my previous job, so I was already impressed. I’ve been very happy to be involved in the NAPA family. 

We welcomed Mark as our Customer Sales Representative in 2017, and since then, Mark has been thrilled with the change of pace. “It’s been awesome,” he declared.  

It didn’t take long for Mark to settle into his new role and really show what it’s like to Bleed Blue. At NAPA, we put people first, and Mark is the perfect example of putting the human connection before the sale.   

I spend an enormous amount of time with my customers. I make sure I’m providing them with what they need to grow, so I make sure I listen to them. Whether it’s in the person or by phone, I try to provide great customer service for their needs. You’d be amazed at the in-person visits and how much they mean to the customers. That’s one of the advantages we have when it comes to our customers—having a person from NAPA actually showing up to connect with the customer goes a little bit further. 

And those in-person visits can have a lasting effect on people outside of our company and those of our clients. Mark and his wife were recently invited to a charity event hosted by one of his clients, which supported Vision Warriors. 

I thought it was really neat for him to ask me to come, so I showed up to the gala, which helped people suffering with addiction enter the workforce again. I had the opportunity to give back by placing a bid for an item for my wife in their silent auction. That mutual support helps build the customer relationship, and I hope that I’m one of the people they think of when they need something for their business. 

In the future, Mark still has a few big ideas that he wants to accomplish. “I like being involved with the customers, but I can see myself helping train others and teach them about relationships and customer service,” he said. “I’m still new with the company, but I feel confident that if I stay focused on the customers, I’ll be able to work my way up to the corporate level at some point.” 

With Mark’s go-get-‘em attitude, we know he’ll be able to do all that and more. And at the end of the day, we’re just happy we were able to give Mark and his family something they really wanted out of their move to Georgia.  

“We were able to move onto a new chapter that we’ve always worked towards,” he said happily.   

What’s your next chapter? Take a look at our open positions and get to planning!