The NAPA Chain with Billy Holloway

The NAPA Chain with Billy Holloway

Billy Holloway is one of the many NAPA employees with a history of military service.  

“I was in the United States Marine Corp for 5 years,” he shared matter-of-factly. “After I got out, I went to college at Arkansas State University, and I started with NAPA right after.” 

It didn’t take long for Billy to see our enthusiasm for military members here. “They thank you for your service. They really are proud to have military veterans serve the company.” 

We should say so! Excellent employees like Billy have shown the dedication and perseverance that they showed during their military journey. Billy first joined the NAPA family as an Executive Management Trainee, but over his fourteen-year career, there’s almost no facet of NAPA Billy hasn’t been a part of System Sales Representative, working with independent owners, District Sales Manager, Assistant Sales Manager, Sales Manager, and finally, General Manager of NAPA Charleston as of July 2018. 

I have an Operations Manager, Sales Manager, and District Manager that I’m responsible for. My job is to manage them to make sure our parts are going out at the right time, and our stores are operating at the highest ability. I also work with independent jobbers with the Sales Manager (who I brought on board) and make sure they are successful by coming up with sales plans for them and walking them through the financials. The way I look at it is that we’re successful as long as our store owners are successful. 

The way Billy leads his team to success is reflective of our values here at NAPA. “I think the most important part of leadership is to be focused and honest,” he declared. 

When an owner or customer asks you to do something, do it. Following up is key in our position. That’s one of the most important things we can stress: follow up. We have to make sure we’re taking care of our store owners, people, and customers. We’re in the customer service industry, and if it weren’t for our independent owners, warehouse employees, and store employees, we wouldn’t be here right now. They’re the ones that keep us strong and keep us going. Most people overlook our warehouse employees, but they’re the backbone of our operation. We can sell parts all day long, but if we can’t get them out in the service of our customers, then we’re not going anywhere. 

We need all of our links to forge one strong NAPA chain. All of our positions connect to provide the services we’re known for: fantastic auto care parts with top-notch customer service. To do that, we trust leaders like Billy to know what’s best for their team and go out and get it.  

“We always make sure we’re putting the right people in the right position,” Billy noted. “I like promoting people within the company and making sure they’re on the career path they want.” 

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In Billy’s own words, “There is most definitely career growth here. If someone is willing to relocate, work hard, and shoot for the stars, there’s always an opportunity with NAPA.” 

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