Take a look at Sherri White. She’s a woodworker, vocalist, and NAPA’s unofficial private investigator. That’s right, Sherri has had her hand in solving real life crimes in her position as Loss Prevention Manager with NAPA Atlanta. And how is that?  

I make sure that people aren’t using us and stealing our parts or dealing in fraud. Discovering the different forms of fraud that can happen is rewarding for meOur world is becoming so technologically advanced, there are many different ways people can illegally abscond with the money, so I translate what’s on paper to what actually happened. 

Sherri has been involved in almost every part of the store environment since 1996, so it’ll take quite a stunt to escape her experienced eye. In an interview with us, Sherri shared that she’s been proud of the work she’s accomplished with NAPA since joining in 2013. Of course, her work is more than hunting down the bad guys, and she’s pleased with the direction her department is heading.  

I try to help our store management team broaden their knowledge so that their job is easier, and so they can train their own people within the store hierarchy. I also go through audits and training during management meetings for new procedures that may have deficiencies and work on solutions. My position requires a lot of research to make sure that our inventory handling is up to par. Research, training, and investigations are the main parts of my job.  

As varied as her work can be, Sherry also takes time to enjoy the little things in life. She works with her hands with her woodworking crafts, and she relishes the gigs she’s able to perform with her choir and cover band. 

NAPA is far more of a work-to-live place rather than live-to-work, and it’s very nice to come into a company that values their team members the way that they do. I’ve worked for two of their competitors for a number of years and, without a doubt, NAPA comes out ahead. There are lots of incentive programs that can move your career forward here; it’s not just about the monetary environment, it works on a personal scale that takes care of you more than other companies I’ve worked for.  

Are you of a keen mind and have a certain Sherlock spirit in your heart? Working in the Loss Prevention department may be for you! Sherri has interviewed quite a few people in the past, and she has a few suggestions about what it takes to get ahead: 

I look for people who are asking questions, not just absorbing what’s being said to them. If you’re motivated and want to know why something works, that gives me the idea that you’re in it for more than a paycheck. I want for people to feel like this product is theirs, and they’re working hard for a reason. I like to see people that want to grow. 

Go ahead, sleuths. Show us what you got and apply today!