The Options for Tabatha Shiver

The Options for Tabatha Shiver

The year is 1993, and Tabatha Shiver has just hopped on the NAPA scene. She was still in high school, but she was doing great work in our South Georgia location as a Ticket Release Clerk. She was the frontline to making sure the stores got properly billed for their parts, and she used that eagle eye precision to accelerate through our ranks. 

Over a brief phone call, Tabatha happily listed off every department she’s come into contact with in her tenure: 

I’ve done most of the jobs in the stockroomvarious clerk positions, answered phones in Customer Service, been the Inventory Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Service Manager, and then DC Operations, which I’ve only been in for about a week now! 

That’s right, she recently found her home as our District Operations Manager in Atlanta. After spending so much time in southern Georgia, she made the decision to move to NAPA HQ in 2016. Thankfully, the move was fairly seamless for her. “We enjoy living here, the people are great,” Tabatha said. “It’s just like any other NAPA family!” 

In her words, Tabatha’s coworkers make work a supportive environment—it’s not so much a cognizant decision as a similar mindset that NAPA employees possess. 

We make sure to look out for one another and consider each other as family. Our Division Operations Manager has helped me. He’s always given me advice and been helpful. He’s just been great to work with. He’s done a lot of different things and been with the company for a long time, so he has been a good resource. And my previous General Manager actually recommended this position to me, because they knew I wanted to learn more.  

Tabatha takes in all her experience and her relationship with her coworkers to come up with the best results possible for her store managers. Now that she’s a DC Manager, she’s responsible for taking care of business the NAPA way: 

The store managers contact me with any needs that they have, and just this week I’ve been helping them order new vehicles and set up their tags. Any kind of utility or store issues they have, I’m here to help. We’re here to make sure our store managers can manage their stores and not have to worry about other tasks that take away from connecting with their customers, which is the number one priority. 

For Tabatha personally, her priorities include spending time with her work family and her actual family. She’s enjoyed a lot of what NAPA has to offer, and she encourages prospective candidates to see that firsthand. “Just look at all of the options,” she urges. 

There are so many careers and career paths you can take. Start somewhere. Where you start may not be where you end up, but there are definitely always opportunities to move around and do something different.  

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