The Value of Being First

The Value of Being First

Sometimes, fate has a way of putting you at the frontline of something big. “Firsts” are celebrated all the time here at NAPA: first work anniversaries, first openings for store owners, and, for some, we celebrate their first positions in their careers. 

That was the case for Thomas Rollins, seven years ago. Fresh out of high school, Thomas donned the NAPA blue and started work in the packing line of one of our amazing warehouses.  

“NAPA was the first and only real job I’ve had, and it was a clear choice to stay with them,” he shared in an interview over the phone. “They have great pay, great benefits, and it has a complete family feel. The warehouse really was a second family for me.” 

But the time came for Thomas to strike out on his own. He was promoted out of the warehouse and is now one of our Customer Sales Representatives, where his responsibilities have broadened since his time at the packing line. 

I have two territories for NAPA stores. I currently go around to customers who have accounts with us and buy from us. I go around and make sure they’re being treated well. If they have any issues, I help resolve them. I sell them parts and work with prices, and help with inventories and bouncing around to find new customers. 

Thomas quickly found out the importance of being first on the scene when he snagged one of his biggest clients yet: 

One of the biggest accomplishments I’ve done lately is get a $45,000 sale with a brand-new customer that I found. I saw a new automotive shop. They had their signs up with the “opening soon!” and I noticed a phone number. I called and asked to speak with the owner, and I met with him. He said, ‘You’re actually the first person who has ever approached me, and I need a lot of equipment for my new shop.’ So he gave me a list of what he needed and we moved forward with it.  

That hard-working and self-motivation is what we love to see in our Customer Sales Reps. You don’t have to be a sales whiz when you first start out with NAPA, but we’ll be having you walk the walk in no time flat with the help of great colleagues like Thomas! 

When he’s not at work, Thomas enjoys kicking back with his friends and rallying around the War Eagle cheer. “Vacation and the work life balance are definitely a huge plus to working at NAPA,” Thomas noted jovially. He has to budget his time carefully, of course, between his career and earning his degree, but he’s credited NAPA with helping him pursue his goals. 

I’m currently in school. I want to stay with NAPA in the future, and I believe my marketing degree will help me where I want to go. But there is always a bunch of opportunities with their programs like the Executive Manager Training class and ASE certification. 

NAPA has been known for blazing ahead of others. Visit our open positions page today and see if you can celebrate your first day of work with us!