The Newbie Process from Quavial

The Newbie Process from Quavial

Quavial Marshall has been with NAPA for less than a year, but she’s been integral to the Human Resources department since her arrival. With a company as large as ours, it’s important that those who work with our talent have what it takes to listen and work with our vast amount of people.   

That wasn’t new for Quavial. Before joining our Atlanta Distribution Center, she’d already garnered plenty of experience as an HR Specialist, but she was ready for more.  

 I wanted to change industries because I don’t like to hold myself to one field or specialty. I worked in education and health care beforebut I came into NAPA because I was familiar with the brand since I was already a customer.  

So she climbed into her NAPA-assisted car and happily started working, knowing exactly the kind of company she was working with. She had the opportunity to sharpen her skills with official documents, vacation time, attendance, and payroll.  

I hadn’t touched employees time cards before. Being here, there are a lot of facilities that me and my partner split up and being accountable for the time they put in is very important. You don’t want them to feel like their time isn’t valued, so getting that process done quickly is a big focus for us.  

When she was first joining us, Quavial was nervous to see how the transition process would be. She knew our brand was family-first, and she was able to see that personally with the assistance of her colleague. 

My first two weeks here, I was able to work closely with my coworker Rob. He was really open. When you start a new job, and you have someone helping you and understanding the process, that’s very important. You’ll want to understand for yourself and do your part when the time comes. In that time, between my manager and my coworker, I knew this was a great fit for me. 

The proof was in the pudding: our HR really did put human connection between colleagues at the top of the list. “The benefits that come from working here with NAPA is the intimacy, if that’s the right word,” Quavial mused. 

I’m able to connect with the employees better. They know me by first name, of course, but they’re able to talk to me face-to-face if they need to. NAPA is a big company, but they operate on a smaller scale. Not all HR employees get face time with the HR Administrator, but here, they do. 

Safely ensconced in her new role, Quavial helps her department by working with the onboarding process for several of our employees. She and Rob examine candidates sent from the manager, and it’s up to them to make sure they pass the necessary background checks/drug tests. It requires “extreme follow-up,” so a keen eye for detail is essential in her division.  

Are you ready for onboarding? Apply to NAPA today and meet Quavial and Rob in person!