Your NAPA Team

Your NAPA Team

Let’s say you’re a potential NAPA employee (and if you’re reading this, you already are!). What can you expect on your very first day of your job? We have thousands of locations all over the country, with hundreds of different career paths you can take. What is the one constant that we see in every NAPA facility? 

Your team! 

From the very moment you step foot on Bleedin’ Blue property, you’ll see exactly what our values as a company are. Quavial Marshall, HR Assistant, was understandably nervous for her first day. But when she met her coworkers, she realized this was the place for her. 

My first two weeks here, I was able to work closely with my coworker Rob. He was really open. When you start a new job, and you have someone helping you and understanding the process, that’s very important. You’ll want to understand for yourself and do your part when the time comes. In that time, between my manager and my coworker, I knew this was a great fit for me. 

“Doing your part” also applies to the greater NAPA team as a whole. We have the opportunity to give back to charities that our employees are invested in. As Christopher Warren, District Manager, said, “The culture is all about giving back.” 

The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, the local things we do for the Heart Walk—even today we’re all wearing pink for breast cancer awareness. It’s not just something that’s talked about; it’s lived and breathed every day, and it starts with senior management and filters all the way down. We even give back to our employees with recognition events. We have a Store of the Month celebration and we celebrate employees on their service anniversaries. Celebrations happen all along the way. 

It’s hard not to want to celebrate the awesome things our people are doing! The quality work we do together every day is what bonds our team members together.  

“I’ve never had a manger that didn’t whole-heartedly support me and go to events with my family,” Christopher also mentioned. Whether it was a baseball game or a concert, Christopher could count on his team to show up for the extended members of the NAPA family. 

After all, family is an important aspect to the lives of our employees. Kristina Valdez, Paperwork Reduction Specialist, was stunned by the amount of support she is able to receive whenever the occasion may arise.  

“I have a nine-year-old and an eight-year-old,” Kristina shared. 

NAPA and my team is very flexible with my schedule if, say, one of my daughters were sick. That’s one of the things I love about this position; it has a good work-life balance.  

Now you know just what to expect for your first day at NAPA—balance, support, and a truly unbeatable team atmosphere!