Doug North’s NAPA Syracuse Adventure

Doug North’s NAPA Syracuse Adventure

In case of an emergency, Doug North is the man you’ll want to talk to.

No, seriously—when Doug is not serving as the Operations Manager in Syracuse, he’s working as the Logistics Lead for the Red Cross.

I found it was basically the same skills I use as an Operations Manager. Basically, in the case of an emergency, I would be the one to open up a warehouse, coordinate getting supplies to the people who need them, and procuring what we need to get through. It falls so much into what I’ve learned in my career, so I am happy to work as closely with them as I do my employees at NAPA.

But let’s back up a bit. Before the Red Cross, what was Doug North doing? In the simplest terms, he was driving on the NAPA roadway—a long highway that is full of career opportunities, given you have enough fuel in your engine.

Thirty-seven years ago, Doug started on the loading dock. As he proudly told us, he was “born and raised in Syracuse,” and his location—much like his choice in careers—has never wandered.

He accelerated through the ranks, becoming an Executive Sales Rep, Assistant Sales Manager, Inventory Control/Customer Service Rep, and Service Manager, respectively. Today, Doug is the Operations Manager, and there’s nothing you can throw at him that’ll slow him down.

A lot of my day-to-day is contingent on what calls I receive. Maybe a delivery didn’t get in on time, maybe there’s a problem in a warehouse, maybe a customer is unhappy. I’m here to help with that. I also work with profit and loss statements and anything from a financial, customer service, or operational standpoint.

So why NAPA? With skills that the Red Cross envies, Doug has the ability to go wherever he pleases. But he’s chosen to stay with us for nearly four decades.

NAPA is a very solid company. We promote from within as much as we possibly can, and I like that. We’re constantly growing and changing, and we’re even acquiring new markets overseas. It’s just a really good company to work for. I’m in a position where I’ve actually worked with the President of NAPA—he started just here in Syracuse, so we have that connection as coworkers.  

And he wouldn’t be a true Bleedin’ Blue NAPA employee without taking that connection to the customers.

Really, here, I’ve considered this to be a very big family. Not only for our employees, but also with our customers. I know many, many of our customers on more than a simple business basis. I’ve gotten to learn about their kids and gone to basketball games with a few of them. The culture at NAPA is much more of a family atmosphere than it is about simply supplying people with auto parts. 

He’s certainly right about that. We are constantly striving for the idea of “more” here at NAPA. More auto parts, more know-how, more awesome employees. If you want skills that’ll turn anyone’s head, there’s no better place to start than with NAPA!