No Two Days the Same for the NAPA Team!

No Two Days the Same for the NAPA Team!

NAPA is not the leader of auto part innovation for no reason; our dedication to keeping up with fast-paced changes is part of what makes our employees the very best of the bunch. No matter where you are in our family—Human Resources, System Sales, even our Drivers—you know that your day can transform as quickly as the change on a traffic light. 

Don’t worry, we don’t throw you into the deep end without some floaties attached. We do our best to give you the tools you need to handle anything that’s thrown at you. As Cori Ritchie recalled, working at NAPA is incredibly different than every other workplace: 

“It’s an entirely new ballgame here,” Cori Ritchie, HR Manager, said. “I was a little nervous at first because NAPA is in retail and this is my first experience with that. However, the training has been amazing so far, and the support I’ve received from my team members has been amazing as well.” 

Jeremiah Mitchell, Atlanta’s Associate District Manager, agreed with that sentiment. Even though he is located in a completely different area and role as Cori, he appreciated the preparation he received before he was able to fully jump into his position.  

“We do a lot of training now,” he said. But Jeremiah takes the extra step now that he’s a NAPA leader: 

When I go to the new locations, I try to jump in and take a load off of them and help them with their job. If I can make their lives easier, they’ll enjoy coming to work as much as I do. 

Once our employees are fully settled and ready, they’re able to go full throttle and continue NAPA’s excellence across all of our brands 

 “At IBS, we spend countless hours researching products, going over new ideas, and talking to vendors,” said Jonathon Hull, IBS District Team Lead.  

We go over and beyond trying to get everything we need in the shop. We see things that can occur before it even happens. If I know something is going to be a hot item, I’ll try to get the item in here before they even ask for it. 

Feeling comfortable in your role and keeping ahead of potential issues is a key component to working with NAPA. You’ll be able to learn so much more once you’ve applied yourself, and it’ll help pave a smoother road for you in the future! 

But overall, your life at NAPA means that you deal with new topics every day. Take it from Andrew Cooke, our System Sales Rep—variety is the spice of life, and it’s what keeps him interested in coming to work every day:  

It’s awesome. I love the change. Even as a Driver I loved that. I liked being on the road, doing my own thing, not being micromanaged. I love the environment, that’s why I stuck with NAPA for my career. I love the freedom. I love what I’m doing now. I can’t even describe it. 

If you embrace change and shudder at the thought of a humdrum work life, consider applying to NAPA! Here, you can be challenged.