Dan Wilson’s New Beginnings

Dan Wilson’s New Beginnings

Oh, I worked odd jobs, here and there,” said Dan Wilson, when he was asked about his life before NAPA. 

But all that changed when he entered our store thirteen years ago. His stints in construction and restaurants paled in comparison to the kind of career progression he was offered with us. 

“I started out as a part-time Delivery Driver, which I did for about six months,” Dan noted. 

During that time, my manager was really accommodating about working with me and my college schedule, so I was able to progress and be promoted while continuing my education. I drove, I was a Counter Rep, Assistant Manager, and once I graduated, I spoke with my manager again. He asked me if I had interest in running a store, and of course I said that I was.  

Dan worked as a Store Manager for two locations in Charlotte, North Carolina (one of which is a known high-volume location, since it was attached to one of our Distribution Centers) before he was approached to join the Associate District Manager program. 

Since I already had a lot of store experience with NAPA, I was able to focus on multi-unit management, how to manage people, how to manage managers, and even working with outside sales vendors for my program. I was used to managing my immediate store and employees, but that program helped me manage from afar and building up employees. It was a great, high-level experience. 

 The trainee program wasn’t something that he waited to jump on. The NAPA Know How isn’t just about auto parts; it’s also about knowing when you’re capable of doing more and asking for it. 

I told my manager that I was always looking for new opportunities. That’s how I got into things like the trainee program; I asked, and they worked with me. They definitely listened, and I’ve been able to see different cities and states and see all kinds of people. It’s been great. 

Today, Dan is a General Manager in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Like most of our employees, he’s been around a while, and he knows what (and who) he needs on his team. 

If you work with integrity and a good work ethic, you’ll have the opportunities you want at NAPA. If you get the job done, things will open up for you. 

But don’t worry: you won’t have to do it alone! NAPA is full of people like Dan who come to work to realize not only the company’s goal, but yours as well. 

I like helping my employees reach their individual goals. That always improves their personal lives, their family’s lives, and that’s what stands out for me. If you’re able to make a difference in someone’s life, it’s really meaningful. 

And Dan would know a little something about experiencing meaningful change in his life—not only is he celebrating his thirteen year work anniversary this week, he is also expecting his first child with his wife!  

There’s a lot of change happening for Dan, and there could be some for you, too. Check out our open positions and see if you can have your very own NAPA beginning.