Dominic Greco’s Sales History with NAPA

Dominic Greco’s Sales History with NAPA

Was there a time when Domenic wasn’t out in the garage, wrench in hand, working on his latest and great car project?

If there is, neither he nor his family remembers it. Even in his professional life, all Domenic has ever known is cars and what it takes to get them running.

“I owned a family auto parts store back in the day,” Domenic recalled.

My sisters weren’t quite interested in being in the auto industry anymore, so I spoke with a few buyers about fourteen years ago. We actually ended up selling our auto parts store, and Gregg Sargent, the General Manager at NAPA Connecticut, then offered me a job!

It was clear from the start that Domenic had that certain something to excel here. His NAPA Know-How took him from a Sales Pro position in Connecticut through Distribution Sales Manager, District Manager, roles from New York to Tampa, Florida.

Today, Domenic is settled in his General Manager position in Middletown, Connecticut. But he knows there’s so many other places he can go, so many things to learn—all he has to do is jump.

The opportunity to do all these different things is here at NAPA. I thought I knew everything about the parts business when I was running my family-owned store, but if the last 13 years has taught me anything, there’s something new to learn every day.

Funnily enough, Domenic had just learned something right before our conversation, and he was eager to share his teammate’s success.

“I’m all about sales, so every day I ask folks to send the sales team good news about what they sold or a great interaction they had with a customer,” Domenic began.

So this morning, one of our salesmen went to see a customer who usually does $500 a month in sales with us, but something big happened. Just because our interactions with him, that Customer has now done $4,000 with us this month. We just had a sales meeting, so I let our Salesman talk all about it to everyone, and I like having people do that so they can be recognized for their work as well as teach others.

Not only is Domenic intent on leading his team with a supportive mindset, he also knows that NAPA sales people are like him: they’re driven to succeed.

There’s a lot of good competitiveness. We are driven, so we want to be number one in whatever field. It’s the excitement that’s kept me here. I love the auto parts business, and NAPA wants to keep growing, and that drives me to come to work excited every day.

But now it’s the end of the day, and Domenic  is headed back home to work on his ’72 Datsun 240Z. Want the inside scoop on its mechanics? Head to the Career Site and browse the positions for NAPA Connecticut. We’re sure Domenic would love to have you on the team!