Progress and Kristina Valdez

Progress and Kristina Valdez

Kristina Valdez hasn’t always been operating under the NAPA banner. She had experience with inventory and store management, but a certain District Manager saw a spark in her. It wasn’t long before Kristina was recruited to our team in November of 2010.

She started off, like countless others, as a Driver. She enjoyed the relationships she was able to foster with each one of her deliveries, and soon she was promoted to the Counter Representative position, then the Customer Care Associate, Assistant Store Manager, and finally, her current role as Paperwork Reduction Specialist.

What exactly does a person in that title do to reduce paperwork? Well, to Kristina, she is there for one purpose: to make sure that everything she touches is done correctly and quickly.

I look through all the stores’ invoices, P-cards, and make sure everything is coded correctly. I help the store managers with anything they need help because I’ve worked in the stores and can help them with whatever they need. I also work with credit and make sure they’re getting billed properly.

It’s a job similar to bookkeeping, Kristina supposes, but there’s something inherently different by working with NAPA. “It’s fast-paced,” she said, “You always have something to do.”

That’s definitely the NAPA way—no two days are the same, after all! But there are things that are intrinsic to our values, no matter what day it is.

I keep progressing with the company, and that’s really special to me. NAPA wants to promote within the company and look to which people they can help that are already there to help their career development.

There’s also a strong undercurrent of teamwork in every department we have to offer.

Anything that I find that can be improved is a collaborative process. We all work to find the best way and communicate between each other well. We even socialize together, since there are always luncheons for hitting quotas. It’s nice for the employees to have those events so we can all relate to each other.

There are many benefits to working here at NAPA, but constantly growing with her team and individually is at the top of Kristina’s list. Along with her impressive journey through the company, she’s also taken advantage of our many educational programs. She completed a 9-month long course for potential store managers, where she learned every aspect of what makes NAPA tick.

“They go through all the functions within the store,” Kristina said. “Everything you need to know, you learned there.”

She uses that knowledge to make sure that everything is running in tip-top shape as the Paperwork Reduction Specialist. But with her inspiring NAPA background in tow, there’s no telling where she will go next.

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