No Two Lanes the Same with Scott Wood

No Two Lanes the Same with Scott Wood

At NAPA, we know that everyone’s journey to and with us is different—that’s why we call it “no two lanes the same.” As one of our team members you control where your career goes.

That was certainly the case with Scott Wood. Ten years ago, he started as a Territory Sales Manager in Indianapolis. After a few years of experience, he wanted to try his own hand at owning a store. He bought one of our stores from an independent jobber and made the store his, but he felt there was something missing. As much as he enjoyed the responsibility and freedom, he knew he would be happier somewhere else.

“I loved my job at the Distribution Center,” Scott recalled, “so that made it easy for me to go back.”

He chose a new lane, and when he returned, he picked up new things along the way: the titles of Wholesale Manager, Assistant Sales Manager, and now Sales Manager for the Columbus Distribution Center.

He’s comfortable with the duties he’s able to manage every day, because much like “no two lanes are the same,” no two days are the same. But underneath the pop-up problems and unexpected triumphs, there’s always one main tenet for Scott:

The way I look at it, I’m responsible for 103 stores and their sales, so I feel like my job is a part-owner. Even though they’re independently owned, my job is to help them grow their business, and by growing their business, we are helped because they buy more parts from our Distribution Center. I’m the manager and leader of my department, so it’s also my responsibility to grow the people underneath me. I want to train the next person who will be in my position and help them develop in their career.

Scott’s inclination to help his fellow NAPA crew is second nature; he simply learned it from watching those around him. “We help each other out,” Scott said.

In Louisville, the Sales Manager who was hired after I left was somebody who worked under me before being promoted. Right now, I’m even working with one of my guys here who is interviewing to be an Assistant Sales Manager in Atlanta. I feel good about it. There was also a guy in Louisville who had been a TSM for quite a few years and hadn’t won an award, but he just won the National TSM of the year recently. It wasn’t 100% me, but it feels good to see one of your people win.

With employees like Scott at the helm, there’s no other way for your team but to win. The internal upward mobility of employees is very important to us here at NAPA. It’s our own way of winning to see people take their careers to new heights.

“We move people up in the company a lot, so networking and having a relationship with people is a great resource,” Scott also remarked.

So take it from Scott; no two lanes are the same. You have the freedom here to make your workday what you want it to be. Turn onto a new road and apply to NAPA to