Dan Guzik and the High Point Team

Dan Guzik and the High Point Team

Why choose NAPA?  

The reason is different for everybody. For Dan Guzik, he was burnt out on his previous company and desired something different for his career. But that wasn’t the entire reason he ended up being our Sales Manager in High Point, North Carolina. He made the choice to join as soon as he met the people that make up NAPA. 

When I select companies I want to work for, I look to see that my values, morals, and ethics align with the company. Thankfully, they did, and still do,” Dan noted. 

And what are those values that our team members hold dear? To Dan, it can be summed up in one idea: a commitment to our people. 

NAPA is a company that is 90+ years old and consistently delivers good service and quality parts. We also make sure to reach out to our local communities across our many locations. We have a diverse operating model, and that inspired me to go out and work with independent owners in their hometown markets to become that second family. 

Fostering these close relationships is a key part of his Sales Manager role.  

For my position, it’s my role to support our independent owners in wherever they take their business. It’s a different kind of dynamic, where you’re part coach and part consultant. The better the relationship you have with the owner, manager, and their sales force, the better everything is going to be.  

For Dan, this simple concept is stretched across his area of responsibility: namely, 30 owners and 130 stores.  

Connecting with local owners was appealing to me because I had been in the corporate world for so long. I knew working with NAPA would be like a breath of fresh air. Today, my job is to work with these owners from a sales, service, product, and DC relationship standpoint. 

Providing that kind of support hinges on not only Dan’s personal acumen, but the knowledge of people around him. 

My team is very, very good,” Dan said confidently. Everyone has their own role and everyone becomes an expert in their subject. 

And to any NAPA hopefuls out there, you don’t have to rely on automotive expertise to rise among our ranks.  

Everyone would love for you to have a background in automotive experience: it’s definitely a plus. But what I look for in a candidate—no matter what role we’re filling—is their attitude. What’s their drive? What’s their energy level? Those are things you can’t teach. If you can work with people and be a good coach or mentor, then I want you on the team.  

As for Dan’s own team, you can find him on almost any given Sunday wearing a Steeler’s jersey and enjoying time with his friends and family. If you’re interested in joining his second family—that is, the NAPA High Point team—visit our Careers Site. We want you on the team!