Samantha Dienelt’s Unique Chance

Samantha Dienelt’s Unique Chance

Just this past March, we at NAPA did something a little different. We opened our very first combined role and promoted Samantha Dienelt to tackle it.  

“I’m a DC Manager, but it’s a little different,” Samantha clarified.  

My role takes HR and Operations and rolls them into one positionI was first hired as an HR Manager in 2016. Prior to NAPA, I worked in a distribution HR environment, so I was really familiar with the operation end. 

So, NAPA being NAPA and knowing that no two lanes are the same, we found a perfect opportunity to blend Samantha’s experience into her dream role. Now she receives a breadth of resources to look after the thing she’s most passionate about: people. 

My heart and passion is people, and I feel that the people around you make or break your situation. I’m here to make sure our people have everything that they need to do their job efficiently and effectively. And if they don’t have the resources to do that, it’s my job to step in and guide them to the right area.  

Samantha also works one-on-one with her teammates to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. No matter what position you have in the NAPA family, Samantha knows she’ll find the support she needs within the Bleedin’ Blue team. 

We work with other Distribution Centers all over the world, and everyone is really open to sharing their experiences and finding out new ways to make things work. I see that people truly want to help here. No one brushes off people’s comments or questions; it’s a really good team environment for every NAPA DC, no matter where you are. 

For Samantha herself, her team is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her DC is uniquely situated within NAPA, but she still finds our core values embedded in the culture.  

Fort Wayne is one of the smaller NAPA DCs, but our team is really strong. We say we’re all a family at NAPA, and it’s especially true for us. Everyone is pretty close. It doesn’t matter what level you are, we’re all comfortable with each other. Ultimately, we’re here to do a job and do it well, but we also want to have fun along the way. I think our team is really well-rounded and full of knowledgeable people who want to help. 

Our management team specifically is always willing to jump in. I can’t say enough about themthey’re pretty awesome,” Samantha quipped.  

So take a cue from us and Samantha: do something a little different. It may mean opening yourself up to a new role (hint: we always keep track of our open jobs on the Career Site), or even moving to a new place. 

“Fort Wayne is a town that’s good for families,” Samantha said. “Between the park and downtown, our family loves being outside and getting out in the community.” 

It’s time to do something different today. What will it be? Only you know for sure!