Jeff Parker: A Star Sales Manager

Jeff Parker: A Star Sales Manager

When we say a career with NAPA can start anywhere, we’re not kidding. Jeff Parker started his working life as a bartender and construction worker, but after graduating from college, he knew that he wanted to work for a company that would let him grow his career. The choice was obvious: it had to be NAPA! 

“The thing that really cemented it for me to work for NAPA was the first time I walked into a store at the Executive Management Trainee kickoff,” Jeff recently shared with us. 

I met so many people in Atlanta that had been there for 20, 25 years, and nobody seemed to be less than 15 years with the company. It spoke volumes to me. I knew the company must be great if people were sticking around that long. 

So why has he stuck with us for his 9-year NAPA career? Again, the choice seemed obvious to Jeff. 

It’s just a great company to work for. It’s a corporation, but it doesn’t feel like a whitecollar job. You’re working with really great, relatable entrepreneurs and teammates. It’s a job full of great people and you get to do something different every day. In my role as Sales Manager, I get to run into new things every day, and that keeps everything fresh and interesting. 

And that’s what he does with his team every day in Oklahoma City. He uses his NAPA history and the expertise of his team to make sure they’re providing the best service possible.  

It’s a real tight-knit team here. Some of these folks have been in the Distribution Center since it opened, so there are tons of people with great expertise. We’re all in a team mindset here; we’re all in it together. We don’t have specific people who handle specific problems, we all pitch in and work together to make sure we’re getting everything done. 

But it’s not about sticking your nose to the grindstone. We want people to enjoy the time they spend here, and most importantly, the people they spend it with.  

Jeff pointed out that some of his fondest memories were during sale rallies and award banquets. 

If you go to any of those events, you’ll be proud to work at NAPA. I’ve yet to leave one of those big events and be anything but glad that I’m doing what I’m doing. You’ll feel pumped up to go out and win. 

So how can you go out and win? Apply to join one of our NAPA teams!  

As Jeff said, “As long as you’re a hard worker, a go-getter, and dedicated, you’ll find a home here. If you’re looking for a career and a place to belongit has to be NAPA.”