Trevor Kennedy: A NAPA Trainee Looking Ahead

Trevor Kennedy: A NAPA Trainee Looking Ahead

It took some prodding, but eventually Trevor Kennedy let it slip. “I have a vision board,” he confessed, chuckling. “Who told you?” 

To be honest, we always knew that Trevor had his eye on the prize. Ever since he joined our ranks two years ago, he’s shown that he has a dedication to getting better and learning something new each day.  

When he first started with us, Trevor worked in the Spokane NAPA warehouse after a recommendation from his roommate. But as his first anniversary started approaching, Trevor knew there was something bigger in store.  

Everyone gets a one-year anniversary luncheon here. That’s where I got to talking with our General Manager. I guess he saw something in me and my personality, so he suggested I join the Employee Involvement Committee. After that, I started hearing about the Executive Management Trainee program, and my GM encouraged me to talk to people about it—a lot of my teammates in Spokane had gone through the program. I knew right away that it interested me. 

As if that wasn’t a lofty enough goal, Trevor also participated in our Employee Involvement Committee.  

“We meet once a month to talk about ways that we could improve our processes in the DC and get our employees committed to a better, safer work environment,” he explained. 

I jumped at the chance to do it. We actually came up with the idea to do an Employee Appreciation Day, where basically we throw a party for all the employees. We always have our celebration when we hit quota, but I said that no matter what happens, everyone always shows up and works hard, and they agreed! 

We noticed Trevor’s hard work, and we’re pleased to report that he’s in the official EMT program in Spokane (one vision down!). 

“This program has taught me so much about NAPA,” he said.  

I’ve also seen the type of people we employ; we’re all unique, but we all come together. Everyone’s passionate about different things, but we’re also all passionate about growing the company and giving a great experience to people. Whether I’m in Atlanta, Seattle, or Idaho, everyone is driven by that idea. 

What is the next thing Trevor will be driven to accomplish? The list is long and varied.  

“I want to be a GM, TSM, Warehouse Manager, and possibly one day an Operations Manager and have a chance to become a Division President,” Trevor said, laughing again. 

In the meantime, Trevor will continue learning and growing with our EMT program. As dedicated as he is to learning, he also appreciates the  opportunities being a trainee brings.  

Honestly, I’m kind of living my dream job. I am in a learning program in which I learn about a 92-year-old company that’s great at what they do. I’ve been able to learn things at the ground level and connect with people. I’m enjoying every part of it and I couldn’t be happier. My team out in Spokane is an amazing division, but the overall culture of NAPA is just excellent.