David Guillemette and Independent Store Owners

David Guillemette and Independent Store Owners

David Guillemette’s professional beginnings always had NAPA encased within it. He was familiar with cars and the different methods it takes for them to run effectively, so when it was time to start his career, he knew he had to take his NAPA Know How to its limit. 

“I worked at a NAPA AutoCare Center as a Service Manager,” David recounted. “I was hands-on with buying and selling NAPA auto parts, so I was already incredibly familiar with the brand before I joined the sales team six years ago.” 

In David’s case, his career trajectory was a matter of dedication and following his passion.   

It wasn’t long before I started working my way up. Soon I was learning a lot about our independent store owners, and I really like working with that aspect of NAPA. 

For those that may not have David’s level of NAPA Know How, our independent store owners operate their own storefronts and AutoCare Centers, but they also utilize brilliant Sales Managers like David to operate at the highest level possible.  

“Personally, I cover 102 stores and about 50 independent NAPA store owners,” David explained.  

My role is to grow the store count with current store owners. I manage a group of Territory Sales Managers, who have a responsibility of about 25 stores each. Their goal is to promote the NAPA brand in a positive way and help with operational efficiencies.   

But at the end of the day, it’s important to maintain the certain individuality that comes with being an independent NAPA owner. 

In all my roles with NAPA, I’ve always worked with the independent side, both with the stores and the AutoCare Centers. I understand the challenges they face because I came from there, I know what’s it like on a day-to-day basis. I like being able to help them grow their business. 

Which is exactly what he did this past March for our newly-acquired Manning store.

The owner had been Carquest store for 40+ years. We worked with him for almost 2 years to show him the benefits of NAPA. In March of 2019, we were able to change his store to a NAPA store and grow his business. It was a huge win for NAPA and the store owner.

So how do you decide who should join the ranks of our awesome sales team? Simple: find someone with Know How and give them the freedom to follow their passions.  

Working for an independent NAPA store owners means you have nothing but opportunities, and that draws in people who have a passion for the future,” said David.  

Your passion can take you anywhere you want to go. Whether it’s independently owned or NAPA HQ, we have endless opportunities for you to Find Your Lane with us!