Doug Dzikowski’s NAPA Sign

Doug Dzikowski’s NAPA Sign

When Doug isn’t spending time with his wife and two dogs, he is making moves all through the NAPA universe 

Currently, Doug is the General Manager of NAPA Maine and has been an employee of NAPA for 26 years,  so he’s seen a lot of what NAPA has to offer. 

Although it wasn’t his first job, Doug had the necessary skills to fall right into a position here at NAPA.  

“I was delivering a pizza to a NAPA store that had a help wanted sign, actually. I saw it, and like they say, the rest is history!” Doug chuckled. 

With his only other job being food-service delivery, Doug decided to join us as a fresh new face, ready to take on an exciting new challenge at NAPA. Using his skills as a pizza delivery driver, he transitioned into his first NAPA position as a Delivery Driver. 

Like many of our team members, Doug has carved out his own path here at NAPA. From being a Delivery Driver, to joining a special IBS DOT team, to now being a General Manager for the 3rd time, Doug knows what it means to #FindYourLane at NAPA.  

Career advancement is a big reason employees either stay or leave a company, and Doug notes that he’s personally been encouraged to continuously improve himself through his 26 years  

When it comes to career advancement and opportunities here, it’s always a two-sided coin. There are opportunities given, and there are opportunities you have to take. Any shot you get here, you have to take, because you’re not getting that shot for no reason. I’ve never been a person to say no. I make it very known to my superiors and those above me that I want to be challenged and pushed. If you give me a chance at a new opportunity, I will never say no, and so far, I’ve held true to that.  

Thankfully, Doug has always had supportive people in his corner to make sure he’s getting the most out of his NAPA journey. 

In my career here at NAPA, I’ve always taken opportunities, but I’ve also always had somebody that was an advocate for me. For me, that has helped me tremendously, because I know I can lean on those people. These are the people who eventually become my managers or supervisors and possibly then my mentors and are there to help me. These are also the people that give me the advice and the skills I need to be as well-round as I can be to develop. 

With so many years and so many different environments, Doug has been exposed to a multitude of cultures, each one uniquely different from the next. When asked which one stood out the most, he didn’t hesitate with his answer.  

IBS! The culture of IBS was pressure-packed but exciting. You’re only servicing one customer but a major one. You may think it’s easy, it’s just one customer, but when dealing with just one customer, the expectations are going to be very high, and very demanding. I enjoyed it; the relationship between NAPA Auto Parts and the DOT was a great partnership and very rewardingI not only learned a lot about the business that helped me grow as a salesperson, but I also learned a lot that transferred into my leadership abilities as well. 

To all you NAPA newbies, Doug stresses that your dedication will be rewarded as soon as you become part of our family. 

Here, you get rewarded for a performance well done. There are always opportunities provided if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone. You can achieve anything you set your mind too. I think myself, as well as just about any other NAPA employee past, present, and future, are testaments to that. 

NAPA provides everyone an opportunity to advance their career, whether you start in a warehouse or behind the wheel. Where you start doesn’t have to be where you end.   

Your lane is what you make of itAre you ready to find yours? Visit our open positions and apply today!