We Find the Fix

We Find the Fix

We say that working at NAPA presents brain teasers for our employees. These riddles can range from finding a rare auto part for a customer to discovering a new shortcut to help our financial department, but they all circle back to a central concept we hold dear: Finding the Fix  

We don’t want our employees to remain stagnant in their roles; we want them to be engaged and exemplify that extra effort NAPA is known for, and we’re proud to have this spirit in every aspect of our extensive (and growing!) company. Don’t believe us? Check out the responses from our very own employees! 

“NAPA really gives you a blank canvas and the tools to accomplish what you need to accomplish, but they don’t tell you how to do it,” said Jessica Gatlin, Store Manager. 

 You’re able to build your own store based on what you think would be successful and go from there. It’s always given me a high sense of accomplishment because I come up with these ideas, see them be put into place, and I get to watch the success come from them. I really enjoy working for this company because they give you freedom to your own fix.  

Lupe Nevarez, Store Ownershowcased that with his hands-on technique to turn around a NAPA store. “It was doing very poorly, so they sent me,” Lupe recalled.   

We did a lot of work. We would stay there till 11 o’clock at night painting the walls. People thought we were a little crazy, but we completely turned the place around. That same manager wrote a really nice letter because we met the deadline for the store’s success. We almost doubled the profits in just six months. 

That’s definitely what we call Finding the Fix! 

 But our goals go beyond sales numbers. We find solutions for our own people as well, to make sure they’re as happy as our customers are.  

 Curtis Bustamante, a HR Manager located in Fresno, was discussing a certain NAPA employee’s future. They expressed an interest in moving on, getting new challenges (an instinct we always appreciate at NAPA!), but suddenly had cold feet during the interview process. Curtis helped the employee realize that nerves were natural, but it shouldn’t stop them from going where they want in their career. 

Six months later, Curtis received a call from that same employee from their new office, and they were incredibly thankful for the support Curtis provided. That was finding the fix.