Motivation Leads The Way for Philip Hakundy

Motivation Leads The Way for Philip Hakundy

The outdoors are great, and yes, spending family time in the wilderness and disconnecting is wonderful, but after 16 years, Philip Hakundy can honestly say he eats, sleep, breaths, and bleeds NAPA blue.

At age 16, what started as a work placement job turned into a career and gave Philip opportunities he never could have imagined. While attending vocation school to learn about small engines and small engine machine parts, he was given work placement, and soon after, with help from his instructor, he was able to get a job at the local NAPA Auto Parts.  

After graduationand without any warningone day, Philip decided to do something daringhe decided to take some initiative in his life and find his own lane.

When I was about to graduate from high school, I decided to get in my truck and drive. I literally started driving, I drove six hours away, and I ended up in Louisville, Kentucky, which is where I ended up moving to. I just knew I was supposed to be here. So I found the nearest NAPA store, went in, interviewed and got the job. This would my first corporate job.

Over the years, Philip’s journey through NAPA has been one of excitement, change, and inspiration. In each position he’s held, Philip has ensured that he’s not only driven himself, but his people as well

Motivation and drive are qualities that Philip not only has, but ones that he also tries to instill in his team members. However, he still understands that everyone is their own person and has their own work styles. 

Everybody has their own motivating factors, and everyone is unique in their own way. As a leader, we have to have a correct mindset, positive reinforcement, and ensure training, training, training. I don’t have to rule with an iron fist if we train our people well.

Motivation also drives career advancement here at NAPA. Philip attributes his career progress to the dedication and hard work he’s put in over the years, but also because NAPA encourages everyoneno matter their position.

At NAPA, you can do whatever you want as long as you have motivation. The right kind of motivation, that is, and especially the dedication put behind it. What I tell people I interview is that the sky is the limit here, but it’s all about what you put into it. NAPA rewards those who reward them. If you put the time into NAPA, they will put the same time and effort back into you. Anyone can have a great future with this company.

If you have dedication, motivation and are ready to work, you can excel here at NAPA. Your next best career move is only a click away. Come Find Your Lane today!