The Right Direction featuring Jason Zeliadt

The Right Direction featuring Jason Zeliadt

Jason Zeliadt’s journey here at NAPA was one that almost didn’t happen. Although he’d grown up just like any other gearhead’s offspring and loved the NAPA brand, when he received a call from a Genuine Parts Company recruiter, the connection wasn’t immediately made.  

It almost didn’t happen; a recruiter reached out to me and left a voicemail. I had never heard of Genuine Parts Company in my life. I ignored the voicemail. A couple of days later, was hanging out with my father, he says that sounds familiar, I looked it up and found out it was NAPA, and I was like, yeah I have to call them back! 

Jason states once he got that call, it wasn’t a big decision for him to leave his current workplace. Previously working for a gas station chain in the district manager program, Jason knew he could take his skills and build on them at NAPA.  

I started off in the Executive Management Training program. I already had an operational background, but I enjoyed and excelled at the sales support role, leading me to the Territory Sales Manager (TSM) role. The position I believe is the best role is the TSM role because you are the initial point of contact for all of our independent stores and helping them out with anything they need. You have to be a problem solver and a solution seeker. You may not have all the answers, but you are that go-between for getting those answers. You’re working with the same people and building those important and strong relationships. Your territory is your family. 

Cultural and company values were also nonnegotiable for Jason. Jason was tired of feeling like just another face in the crowd or a number on the paper, even with achieving accomplishments. Coming to a company that appreciates, values, and knows its employees was a plus for him.     

In other companies I worked for before, even when you made a lot of money for them, you were still just another name or number. At NAPA, when I have a good year or do something good, I know it. I know I’m making a difference and impact for everyone. I know they appreciate me, and I feel appreciated. The values of NAPA for me translate not only at work, but outside of work for me as well. I love that in the 13 years I’ve been with NAPA, I’ve never been asked to do something unethical or against my values. Having a company that aligns with your principles makes it easier to give your all, without any limitations.  

When asked if he had any advice for anyone who may be thinking about joining out NAPA family this is what Jason said: 

I think there are a lot of folks out there who have a preconceived notion of the type of jobs NAPA has, but honestly until you’re in it, you can’t begin to imagine what NAPA has to offer you. Taking a step out into the unknown with NAPA can only advance you in the right direction. 

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