From the Basketball Court to Corporate Offices with Joelle Pollak

From the Basketball Court to Corporate Offices with Joelle Pollak

Five and a half years ago, when it was time for Joelle Pollak to put up her basketball shoes and join the business world, she wasn’t too sure what she wanted to do. Unsure of her path, she decided to go to Europe for a couple of weeks. Upon her return, she decided to take the leap into our Executive Management Trainee Programand she’s happy to report that she hasn’t looked back since. 

What attracted me to NAPA’s Executive Management Trainee Program was the idea that I was fresh out of college and didn’t know what I was doing or where I was going,” Joelle admitted.  

The fact that the EMT program was an 18-month program, not only allowed me time to figure myself out but, it also allowed me to really explore and learn various sides of NAPA without feeling pressured. The EMT program sets you up for success, no matter what you decide to do. You get to experience sales, operations, and everything in-between. As you progress forward, youalong with your mentorthen decided which path would be best for you to go down. It’s all about where you fit the best that’s the key to where you start your career. 

The Opportunities Provided by NAPA 

After completing a successful 18-month run in the EMT program, I was quickly thrusted into my NAPA career. In the last few years, I’ve held the position of Assistant Manager and Sales Manager in Syracuse, and now I’m the NAPA AutoCare Program Communications Manager. I went from working with independent store owners to now working and training our field teams, as well as working with our independent repair facility shop owners. It’s similar, but it’s also vastly different, and very rewarding. In my current position, I know the impact I’m making, and I can see my results. I’m helping owners grow their business, and I know that if I can bring them one or two things to help grow themat that end of the day that’s what it’s about. 

Why Should You Choose NAPA? 

I may have a bias because my dad has been working in NAPA AutoCare Centers since before I was born, and I grew up knowing the name NAPA. But I didn’t realize how big NAPA was until I started my journey in the EMT Program and learned all about their history and subsidiaries. The opportunities at NAPA and the lanes you can chooseespecially if you start in the Executive Management Trainee Programare endless. You may think you know what you want to do, but then a different door opens, and the opportunity is there.  

Here at NAPA, you have that opportunity to take those chances and grow. NAPA is also doing what they need to do to attract top talent. Just in the time I’ve been here at HQ and the changes they’ve made, from giving us remote days to Blue Jean Fridays. We’re an older company that knows that we must be progressive to remain relevant, and that’s what keeps us ahead!     

If you’re looking for an opportunity to find out who you are and what you want to do, NAPA’s Executive Management Training Program is it! Come and join us here at NAPA!