The Start of Something New for Jacob Claar

When Jacob Claar isn’t working hard for NAPA, his love falls with gold prospecting (really!). But Jacob says the best treasure he’s ever found was his career here at NAPA.

Jacob, who started his journey through our Executive Management Trainee Program five and a half years ago, didn’t know what he was signing up for, but he knew that in the end, he would be ready to succeed.

I was hired out of Altoona as an Executive Management Trainee. As a trainee, I was immediately thrust into a manager position. From there it was non-stop. They instilled the confidence in me to go out, take up challenges and try new things. What most people don’t realize is the EMT program is, for the most part, self-directed. You only get back out what you put in, so I really tried to do my best to work hard and get into and learn lot of things.

It’s not all just management-focused: they start you from the ground up. We know that in order for them to have the best management team, you have to know all facets of the business. That’s why our EMT program allows you time to try and work a variety of jobs.

“My first days at NAPA Altoona, I was a Delivery Driver,” Jacob states.

I worked my way up through various positions, and by the next six months I was in the store, from the counter and sales to management. I really got into the store level stuff until it was time for me to transition into the Distribution Center.

In the Distribution Center, the climate of what I was doing and what was expected of me didn’t change. I started at the beginning, so I picked parts, learned management, and then I was sent to the operations side to learn more.

 But what Jacob would really learn was how amazing it is to be part of the NAPA family.

When I started working with the sales guys, that’s is where I found my lane and my calling. I knew I wanted to work in sales when I found out I loved working with the people. Once I learned how to talk with people and build those relationships, I fell in love with my work.

NAPA’s EMT program isn’t like any other run of the mill management program. The program is set up to make sure that those in it succeed and even contribute to the forward advancement of the NAPA brand, which is why all of our trainees participate in a capstone project.

Our capstone project was actually very unique, in that they still use the outline of it today. My EMT class compiled data-mined analytic information that in-turn helped develop the NAPA Connect website. We then presented it in front of the senior leadership team at NAPA, and if they like it, it’s used, which they did.  

They give you real-world problems and issues, and they want you to solve them as a team. They give you the tools, the resources, and the networks, so there is no reason someone who completes this program can’t succeed.

Going through NAPA’s Executive Management Program is a smart move for anyone determined to find their way to better themselves as a leader. You are given the necessary components to thrive if you put in the work.

Are you ready to put in the work? Check to see if we have any trainee positions open near you!