A Bird’s Eye Look at NAPA’s Integrated Business Solutions Department

Are you searching for a uniquely different job? What if I told you that there was a department at NAPA Auto Parts that allowed you to work with anyone from government fleets to Disneyland?   

That’s just what our Integrated Business Solutions (IBS) teams offer. With careers from Delivery Drivers to Store and District Managers being a part of the IBS team, can take you places. 

 Although our IBS teams are still fairly new to our NAPA family, they still play a large part in how we run 

We decided to sit down and get a true gauge of just how much of a role our IBS team contributes to the mission of NAPA Auto Parts. 

 What we do in the integrated store business sector is completely different from what the normal NAPA operations team may do. What we do is find fixes for a specific fixed customer on a dayin, dayout basis. Our job is to be the inventory arm for any customer we have. We’re tasked with going outside of the system, supporting our customers in any way we can, and ensure we’re supporting new initiatives fully. Whether it’s supporting their company picnic or helping put their fleet back in service, our job is to be the fixer and the inventory arm for those customers.  

 Ryan Ouellette, IBS Director 

Thomas Linley, our IBS Counter Salesperson, sees that firsthand as he works with fleet vehicles. 

I work the heavy-duty parts side, so I see tractors, SWAT trucks, trash trucks, and more. Every day is different, and every day I face something new. That’s what it’s like in IBS: you have to remain on your toes and be ready to go. At any moment, you have to be ready to go get or find a part–that is your principal purpose. The way we contribute to NAPA as a whole is by ordering and making sure the parts are here and maintaining our inventory for our customers. Our clients wouldn’t be able to push their fleets out without us having the right parts, and that’s where having IBS teams that focus only on them come into play. 

That laser-focus is evident across all our IBS locations.  

“Every IBS location is specific to the agency or company we’re working for,” Walker West, Heavy-Duty Parts Manager, explained. 

 Our goal is to make sure we’re buying and receiving the correct components for that location. For example, we work with the Delta IBS that has special equipment that only they work on, and we work with The Atlanta Public School System, whose fleet requires specific parts that only we can supply. At a retail location, you can have parts for anything from a Porsche to a lawnmower. Here in IBS, we’re the experts only for our customers. We contribute to the mission of NAPA by providing a service that makes our customer’s jobs easier and in turn them happier. 

That means the world of Integrated Business Solutions is far from ordinary, as Ryan Sager, IBS District Manager, points out. 

In the IBS world, we buy a variety of different parts for different clients. It can be the traditional NAPA products you see all over the place like an oil filter, or it can be as in-depth as a part for a ground servicer at the airport. Our IBS teams buy parts that are not traditionally stocked in our Distribution Centers, so the major value we bring to the organization is that we work with vendors/customers to negotiate the best deals to lower cost for them and help efficiency. Because the IBS side is still comparatively new and still growing there is an abundance of opportunity to work with not just old customers, but new ones as well, especially here in Atlanta.  

If your wanting an experience to spread your wings and try something new, check out our NAPA IBS team openings. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be a part of “so much more!” 

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