A View From the Inside of Our Internships

Choosing a NAPA Internship

What is an internship? What should a real internship look like? Here at NAPA, we may not know the definite answer, but we know what it’s not. It’s not fetching coffee or scanning papers every day; it’s not running pointless errands and sitting around hoping to pick up a bit of knowledge. Here at NAPA Auto Parts, our interns are treated just like regular employees. They’re given tasks and assignments and expected to learn while on the job. 

To give you an inside look, we sat down with two of our interns, Chris Tahmaseb, Marketing Intern, and Colin Door, Product Intern, to discuss the NAPA Intern Program. 

Why did you choose the NAPA Intern Program?   

Collin: I was doing my research online, and the job description is what drew me to it. Once I read that it wasn’t your typical internship and that I would get hands-on experience and also contribute to helping better the company, I was sold after that. 

Chris: I wanted a company that was family and teamwork based. NAPA and GPC’s values aligned with what I was looking for, and I believed this internship would be a great opportunity to dive into.  

Did you learn or improve on any skills in the program? 

 Collin: Excel! I excel in Excel now. The biggest thing I can take away from this internship program is never be afraid to ask questions. Whether career-wise or educational, always be willing to ask questions.  

Chris: Multi-tasking, time-efficiency, and communication. I can now talk to people, keep track of things better, all while moving around just because of being in this environment. Also, my attention to detail, especially when it comes to research purposes. 

Are you given responsibilities? 

Collin: Yes, I’m given projects all the time. It’s never busy work, everything I do I know is meant to help better the company somewhere down the line. My biggest responsibility I oversee mainly, however, is competitive price shopping.  

Chris: My responsibilities during my internship lay with structuring. I gather data, meet with different people and departments continuously, and then connect it all back to our agencies. I’m the bridge between entities essentially.  

What does support look like? 

Collin: One thing is I’m never afraid to ask questions with my manager, and not just him, with anyone in the Product department. They’re always helpful, they’re always trying to make me learn more. They’re there when I need them, so I don’t worry. 

Chris: My mentor, Whitney Swingle, has shown me the ins and outs of the marketing world. She has given me a bit of everything, on the broad spectrum from brand recognition to targeting audiences. Directly working with her has given me supplemental support to what I’ve learned in school, making it all make sense. 

What’s the true NAPA intern experience been like?

Collin: I’ve built a strong pipeline of connections; I know the skills I’ve learned here I’ll be able to take with me wherever I go. NAPA sets people up for success in life, not just in a career.  

Chris: It’s been an in-depth, hands-on experience it wasn’t a normal internship. I didn’t just go get coffee or sit on my phone. I was there and I was valued. I had an authentic internship, where I gathered skills, I had real responsibilities, and projects, and a calendar that looked as if I were a full-time employee. This was real! 

The summer will be here before you know it. Don’t you want an experience where you’ll get real on the job training, be involved in projects that make a difference, learn from mentors who care and discover the value of family culture? Look no further than one of our NAPA Internships.  

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