Our Awesome Delivery Drivers

A NAPA Delivery Driver is the heartbeat of our business and the principal key to our success. Without our Delivery Drivers, it’s safe to say NAPA wouldn’t and couldn’t run the way it does. It shouldn’t be a shocker to find out that many of our employees start their careers as Drivers. 

Two of our awesome Drivers, LaDonna Stuckey and Gavin Croutch, chatted about their roles as NAPA drivers and why it’s so important. 

LaDonna: I make sure our customers get their parts on time. I also ensure that our customers have what they need by asking questions, just to double-check. It keeps them happy, which keeps us happy. 

Gavin: I deal mainly with our commercial customers. I’m facetoface with who’s buying our large parts. My role is to ensure they are happy at every step. 

At NAPA, no two days are the same, and for our drivers, it comes with the territory of their role for them to expect the unexpected. 

LaDonna: My responsibilities differ from day to day. Each day I’m always going someplace new or meeting new people. It’s what I like about my job: it keeps me on my feet because there is something new every day.   

Gavin: I’m utilized in various positions at my store. I try to be a team player, if I need to work the counter, find parts, or drive, I do what’s needed. My days vary based on where I’m needed at the most. 

Although no two days are the same at NAPA, that doesn’t take away from the opportunities that someone in a driver position would have. If anything, it sets them apart from others. 

LaDonna: NAPA is the top of the food chain. I’ve worked for other automotive parts stores, and I can tell the difference. NAPA has better opportunities to advance, and you’re even able to get certain benefits, and not many companies do that. NAPA is a step above the rest. 

Gavin: This position has put me in a good spot with the people I’m coming behind and learning from. Learning what I’m learning, I believe I’ll be able to progress to higher levels in the company just based on what I’ve learned in this position. 

Opportunities mean nothing if you can’t do the task required, and that requires learned proficiencies, which both Gavin and LaDonna both say they’ve learned since being a Driver. 

LaDonna: Communication, patience, and teamwork. You have to have all of these things to work effectively with your team, store, and customers. Having computer skills is a plus too, but I’m slowly working on that. 

Gavin: Product and vehicles is something I’ve learned a lot about. I’m not ASE certified, but I think if I took it, I could pass, just with all the knowledge I’ve learned being around my teammates and in the store. I’ve also learned teamwork and how even as one person I play a role in a larger puzzle.    

The life of a NAPA Delivery Driver is far from boring, the opportunities for learning are immeasurable, and the only certainty is that there is no certainty for a Delivery Driver with us. But we can promise you an experience that will evolve you and put you on the lane to a successful career.  

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