The Culture at NAPA and What You Should Know

We here at NAPA Auto Parts make sure we provide our employees with an environment that is stable, safe, and inclusive for all. The way we do this has fostered a culture that embodies our uniquely family feel. 

No matter where you are within the NAPA family, our people have the opportunity to find their second family. 

 Even though NAPA is a large company, I appreciate that it’s operated more like a family-owned business,” said Makeitha Moore, Human Resources Manager. 

 I remember one Friday on my way to work I received a letter in the mail from NAPA. I was a little concerned because I’m typically aware of any communications that are scheduled to go out. When I opened the letter, it was two pages worth of my accomplishments from my first 90 days that my manager, Joe, had been keeping track of. What Joe did represent the leadership of this company. Everyone – from my peers, to management, to the hourly associates – are just great people. It’s genuinely like having a family away from home.  

Christie Young, our Stockroom Manager, echoed her sentiments. 

Honestly, working at NAPA, I’ve met some of the best people in my life. Connecting with your coworkers is important for a great working environment. NAPA has a family-first environment.  Whether we’re going out with department heads to an Alabama football game or to a company cookout, it’s important to connect and to know the people working next to you. As a manager, once I took my team out bowling. Afterward, I got a call from one of them expressing how much they appreciated me giving my time to connect with them. To me, that is what it’s all about. 

Connection between coworkers is also what keeps Quavial Marshall, Human Resource Specialist, coming back day after day.  

I’m able to connect with the employees better. They know me by first name, of course, but they’re able to talk to me face-to-face if they need to. NAPA is a big company, but they operate on a smaller scale. Not all HR employees get face time with the HR Administrator, but here, they do.   

“They really care here,” Patricia Orange, Data Analyst, agreed. 

They do! And flexibility is a big part of our culture here as well. If you’re out sick, they care. They show concern and compassion for not just you as an employee, but your family as well. I had to move, and I needed more than a day or two off, and I got support such as, Where are you moving? Are you going to be okay getting to work? Do we need to change your hours?” I feel like I’m part of a real family, not just a company or organization. 

 If you are looking for an environment where you’ll be treated like the unique individual you are, pop over to our careers page. You’ll never know what you’re missing until you take a look and find your own second family!