NAPA is for Everyone and Mike Reagan

When we say NAPA is for everyone, we really do mean it. Whether you are a new grad, a retiree, or someone who wants a fresh start, anyone is welcome to work here.  

Don’t believe us? That’s just what NAPA was for Mike Reagan 7 years ago.  

Mike, who previously had almost 17 years of automotive parts experience, had been a specialist (and even an owner!), but he decided to join the NAPA Auto Parts family. 

What drew me in was the culture. Once I started working for NAPA, I started seeing the culture, and it was something I truly liked and could relate to. It was a good place, with tenured and veteran employees who had the mindset of “We have a job to do, let’s get the job done, and take pride in it.” That’s what impressed me the most. 

Mike, of course, wasn’t your typical hire: he had years of experience under his belt but knew very little of the NAPA way. Mike also knew that in order to make the best of the skills he already had, learn the jobs he’d be doing, and the expectations he’d have placed on himhe would need training. 

I decided to go into the Associate District Manager program. I was able to learn a lot of the behind the scenes operations that most people don’t think about, in terms of how things operate, that is. I gained a lot of knowledge during my time in the program, and it allowed me to evolve into a better leader. The ADM program gave me structure, it gave me the ability to know what was expected of me and gave me the tools, and it gave me the resources to get it done. 

“Once I was done with my ADM program, I was relocated to Salt Lake City as an Area Manager,” Mike recalled. 

I was there for two and a half years, and out of the roles I’ve had, this one was my biggest learning opportunity and stepping stone. This role put me on my path to being the District Manager I am today. In 2017, I was promoted to a District Manager and moved to Spokane, Washington, where I continued to grow and learn, but not just that for the first time I was also tasked with setting the culture, which was pretty new and unique. I did that until I found myself where I am today, which is here in LA, at NAPA Southern California as a District Manager. 

After seven years at NAPA and 24 years of working in the automotive industry, a lot has changed. New technology, new changes, but Mike’s motivations are just as clear today as they were 7 years ago. What drives him to return day in and day out is bigger than him. 

I like the challenge; I like that we’re always trying to be better. I like that we’re always trying to push forward and be innovative. NAPA finds an area to improve, improves it, then moves on to the next thing to make better. It’s a constant “What is next?” and that’s what drives me to what to continue to do the same. 

 Whether you have experience or not, NAPA can provide you a way to achieve it. We provide the necessary tools and structure to ensure our employees are successful in whatever they want to accomplish. Are you ready to join us?