Women Paving the Way at NAPA

Here at NAPA Auto Parts, we know that to move into the future we must adjust and follow new and innovative trends. This is why we aim at creating a workplace that is inclusive and built on continuous learning for all.

We also recognize that women are carving new paths in the automotive industry. Whether in the garage, behind the parts counter, or driving our supply chain, women are paving the way to success here at NAPA.

Meet some of the women of NAPA Auto Parts!

“My current role is Manager of our IBS Store located onsite Southwest Airlines at the Denver, Colorado Airport,” said Debra Lovisone, IBS Manager.

Think of our IBS operation as a parts store conveniently located onsite at a place of business. Thanks to us, the customer has the convenience of not having to leave their location to get auto parts! I primarily work with Mechanics, but I also have interactions with different members of the Southwest team. NAPA does provides parts for the ground services department; think of airport tugs and belt loaders as examples of the equipment we work with. We help keep their business running.

Marie-Claire Dupuis, meanwhile, helps us keep our business running.

 I’m responsible for the Human Resources function at NAPA from compensation, safety, employee relations, people development, and training, so my job is very varied. It’s never the same day, truly! I support our employees with their development and make sure our business is finding the right talent. We want to find people in our marketplace that fit within our workplace–our family.

People like Tabatha Shiver, Distribution Center Manager.

Now that I’m a DC Manager, it’s my job to take all of my experiences and relationships to come up with the best possible results for my store managers. The store managers contact me with any needs that they have, and just this week I’ve been helping them order new vehicles and set up their tags. Any kind of utility or store issues they have, I’m here to help. We’re here to make sure our store managers can manage their stores and not have to worry about other tasks that take away from connecting with their customers, which is the number one priority. I’m responsible for taking care of business the NAPA way.

The same could be said of Sherri White, who is one of our Loss Prevention Managers taking care of our stores the NAPA way.

I make sure that people aren’t using us and stealing our parts or dealing in fraud. Discovering the different forms of fraud that can happen is rewarding for me. Our world is becoming so technologically advanced, and there are many different ways people can illegally abscond with the money, so I translate what’s on paper to what actually happened. I also try to help our store management team broaden their knowledge so that their job is easier. My position requires a lot of research to make sure that our inventory handling is up to par.

Are you ready to make a difference here at NAPA? Check out all of our exciting open positions. The only thing holding you back is you!