What is the NAPA Legacy to You?

“Legacy” is defined as being anything that is handed down from the past. For NAPA Auto Parts, our every day actions are the legacy we try to leave. From providing a family-based culture to learning and advancement opportunities, we aim at leaving an everlasting legacy with not only the industry, but our employees and their families.

Check out what some of our employees had to say about what they see as being a part of the NAPA legacy.

“When you’re selling a product at NAPA, you can sell with the confidence that your product or solution is one of quality,” Tim Boucher, District Sales Manager, said confidently.

NAPA has a legacy that stretches over 90 years, and with that comes stainability, credibility, and high quality. You’ll never have to worry about your reputation when you work in sales at NAPA because we’ve perfected the Know How. On top of that, NAPA is known for having a great reputation for retaining employees. When you come to work here, you won’t want to work anywhere else. You’ll meet some of the nicest people and develop great relationships here. NAPA believes in keeping their employees happy by providing great benefits, celebrating your success, and helping you achieve your goals. Undoubtedly, NAPA will be a company you’ll want to retire from but only when the time comes.

To Dan Guzik, Sales Manager, our legacy is more metaphorical.

NAPA’s legacy can be summed up in one idea: a commitment to our people. NAPA is a company that is 90+ years old and consistently delivers good service and quality parts. We also make sure to reach out to our local communities across our many locations. Our diverse operating model inspired and allowed me to go out and work with independent owners in their hometown markets to become that second family we embody here.

“Everyone is genuine and the longevity of the careers here is phenomenal,” mentioned Sandra Lindsey, HR and Office Manager. 

NAPA is somewhere you can plant your roots and eventually retire. When I was hired, they told me they were looking for an Administrative Assistant that they could train to become the HR and Office Manager once the person who held that role retired, and that’s exactly what happened. At NAPA, you really can do anything you want to do. The beautiful thing about working here is that each position provides a set of skills and experiences that can be utilized in your next position. If you drive that ambition to grow, you’ll successfully get to where you’d like to go here. You don’t have to leave this company to do what you want to do in life: the opportunities here are endless and easily accessible. They allow you to be in charge of your own story.

“It’s actually rewarding to know that a company has been around for 90 years and is still growing,” Patricia Orange, Data Analyst, agreed.

They know that you can’t stay back in the 1920s. Things change, the industry changes, and this company adapts well to change. They really care, and having flexibility is a big part of our culture here as well. If you’re out sick, they care. They show concern and compassion for not just you as an employee, but your family as well. I had to move, and I needed more than a day or two off, and I got support such as, “Where are you moving? Are you going to be okay getting to work? Do we need to change your hours?” I feel like I’m part of a real family, not just a company or organization.

Does this sound like a legacy you’d love to be a part of? Good news, we’ve got plenty of opportunities for you to join us. Head over to our careers page and see our open positions today!