What Makes NAPA Different?

Every company claims they’re different and diverse, but here at NAPA, we strive to put action behind our words. From the way we hire, the people we hire, to our trainings, job opportunities, and culture, we’re separate from the crowd. NAPA Auto Parts aims to alter the landscape of the automotive industry not only externally, but internally as well.

But what makes NAPA Auto Parts a mark above any other company is something only our employees can tell you personally.

“For veterans, there is no better place to work,” states Roberto Lucero-Grado.

My manager knows that I am disabled through the military. She knows that on any given day I could be hurting, and she’s very accommodating when it comes to me dealing with the pain or any of the appointments I have with the VA. NAPA Auto Parts is definitely a great employment place for the anyone transitioning from the military. I’ve gotten a lot of appreciation for being a veteran.

Joy Kelly, Division HR Director, is also proud of our people’s various backgrounds.

NAPA doesn’t only support those in transition from the military, we also support those looking to make a transition from any sector into the automotive industry, or in my case of coming from working in Fashion at Saks Fifth Avenue.

For Jeremiah Maxwell, Associate District Manager, what makes NAPA different is our culture.

The culture is definitely involved. We’re dedicated to our customers, but we try to keep a fun atmosphere and keep it a good place to come in and work. NAPA has always been a very family-oriented company, so it’s not hard to balance work and life. It’s a good company and they don’t expect you to overlook your family to make a dollar. I would think that goes all the way from the starting position of Driver all the way up to management. 

Cori Ritchie, HR Manager, agreed with Jeremiah.

We have an amazing work life balance, not just here, but as an organization as a whole. They do have that expectation that when you leave work for the day, you fully shut down. The work will be there tomorrow. I appreciate that. There’s always tomorrow, and they’re very supportive. 

And to hear Tim Boucher tell it, there’s so many reasons why NAPA is a cut above the rest. 

NAPA is known for having a great reputation for retaining employees. When you come to work here, you won’t want to work anywhere else. You’ll meet some of the nicest people and develop great relationships here. NAPA believes in keeping their employees happy by providing great benefits, celebrating your success, and helping you achieve your goals. Undoubtedly, NAPA will be a company you’ll want to retire from but only when the time comes.

 We here at NAPA Auto Parts are only as good as our team members. Discover more about what we do for our employees by visiting our careers page!