True or False: You Have to Love Cars to Work at NAPA

NAPA Auto Parts. The name alone says automotive, cars, parts, mechanical know how. But is it something that all of our employees need coming through the door? Should all of our employees know the difference between a Model T and an AC Cobra, or what you need when you change out your oil and fuel lines?

We decided to ask some of our employees this question and see what they thought and what their experiences were before working at NAPA. 

“You don’t have to join the company having the Know How, but you will get it once you work for NAPA,” said Jordan Turner, Assistant Store Manager.

They have outstanding training and want you to be successful in your job, not only for yourself, but for our customers who expect the NAPA Know How from us. I do believe that in my role, it is very important to have car and car part knowledge, even if it is just general. Car parts, knowledge, and passion truly depends on what role you are in at NAPA. In my role, it is very important, but there are other roles where you may not need as much knowledge, you just need to care about customers. I need to be a support to our counter people, so it is a must that I have an extensive car part knowledge so that I can help them be successful in working with our customers. What is great is that NAPA will teach you what it is that you need to know.

Patricia Orange, one of our Data Analysts, had never considered herself a gearhead before she joined us, but she’s learned new things since day one.

Even working in the Billing department, I’ve learned so much about cars. I can work on my own car now! I know what to look for if it starts ticking. I know what type of oil I need. I know when I need to rotate my tires. I even know what windshield wipers to get. I went from not knowing anything about cars—and you don’t have to know anything about cars to work for the company—to have my knowledge grow.

So as to whether you should know a pump from an alternator, Candy Meinke says not to worry.

No, you do not have to have prior car expertise. Of course, it would be a major plus, but it is not a requirement to be successful at NAPA. Hands-on experience is what taught me about parts. I did not go to school for automotive repair and I do not spend my leisure time with cars. My family did own a service station that used NAPA parts, so being exposed to cars and parts early on in my life did help me a lot, but the parts expertise that I have now came from having an open mind about learning. NAPA employees were so helpful to me when I started working. I was not afraid to ask questions and other employees were more than willing to teach me; I just had to be willing to learn and just realize that “hands on” would eventually help me with any learning curves I had with parts. You must be reliable, come to work each day, be able to multitask (we are a very fast-paced company), be organized, and have great attention to detail. It sounds like a lot–and it is. Not only do you have to have the NAPA Know How that our customers expect, you must care about the customers.

The answer is false, folks! You don’t need to have automotive expertise. We just need you to be ready to learn and discover what it means to have real NAPA Know How. If you can bring the drive and determination, we can provide the rest.

Are you ready? Join us today!