The Stability of NAPA with Daralee Duprez


Longevity is the key to a successful career. We know there’s nothing more stressful on a person than constantly finding a job, going through all the rigmarole before ending that position, and then starting … Read More

The NAPA Spirit with Garrett Coulter

napa employee

Look, we know businesses as a whole have a reputation for being cutthroat, but at NAPA, the fiercest we are is with our demand to put the best people in our company. Garrett Coulter witnessed that … Read More

Nick Jackson: Putting out NAPA Fires

napa employee

Nick Jackson, Stockroom Manager for NAPA Carrolton, is a man of multitudes. Before he started his active journey with NAPA, Nick had another passion he worked towards: being a volunteer … Read More

Meet Makeitha Moore

makeitha moore

Makeitha Moore, an HR Manager at NAPA, brings a breath of fresh air to the HR Department. We had a chance to talk with her about some of the special moments … Read More

Secret Agent NAPA Man


Lupe Nevarez is a self-proclaimed hungry man. He’s also a determined man. Like many NAPA employees, he wants to challenge himself every day. Work is not merely a job to him, but a place … Read More